family problems

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I really need your prayers.

God Bless       


  • Hey aripsalin,
    I am so sorry 4 u to hear this  :(
    Don't give up ur hope and don't stop praying, God hears you and he will answer your
    U are in my prayers and by the intercession of our beloved Mother
    Virgin Mary and Baba Kyrilos and all the saints.

  • dear aripsalin23,

    i am so sorry that ur parents r arguing a lot. i will pray too and hopefully these problems will pass by.. i think a lot of parents argue and often about things that seem so unimportant. remember that God is with you and will never leave you. He is the Prince of Peace and the Holy Spirit our Comforter. if you feel a little scared when they are arguing say a prayer and then read a psalm. Do not despair, God is able to save and to calm the storms. :)

    In Christ
  • i know this can be really hard.
    it's normal u can't imagine how to deal with the pain of divorce, but remember God shines light in the darkest places (eg our hearts). He will give u the strength to cope.
    do what u can to support them and tell them good things about each other.
    but don't take it as yr mission to get them back together.
    i know it's the normal thing to think (i used to think like that) but only God can change their hearts.
    when parents argue a lot, u want to 'fix' them but they probably won't appreciate your efforts and it will just get u very stressed. when u leave the matter with God and pray about it, u will became calmer.
    this may seem harsh, but it's not yr marriage and not yr divorce, so u can help but it's not yr responsibility to fix it.
    you have a part to play, but after that don't try to be like some superhero and save the day, yr a young person who God will use to do many amazing things, but only those things that He wills.
    maybe God is teaching them something through these difficult circumstances, some people will only learn when they are up against a wall and have to turn to God in desparation.
    i spoke to a friend today whose parents have spent the last 25 years saying they will get divorced!
    may God give u great peace in yr prayers and may He convict yr parents of the things in their lives they need to chance and guide them to a good relationship with Him and with each other.
  • May God grant you His peace and command the storm to be calm.

  • thank you so much guys

    God Bless
  • Don't worry about a thing! You have a great God, who loves you and will listen to you. Always trust in the Lord with all your heart(JUST LIKE THE BIBLE TEACHES US IN PROVERBS)

    GOD Bless you and be with you
  • i feel your pain, i suffer from the same problem, except it is primarily one sided. my father explodes at my mother and at my sister and i for the smallest, most unreasonable things. if he calls my mother and she doesn't answer he phone, he'll start screaming and cursing at her when he sees her and throwing a big fit. he once did the same with me because i didnt answer him WHILE I WAS BEING A DEACON IN THE LITURGY. he always refuses to hear our side of things and just continues to yell and curse at us. these usually end up with him storming out of the house... if he doesn't scare my mother away first. i have overheard many arguments where it ended up with them yelling about divorce.

    My prayers are with you

    please pray for me,
  • that sounds really unpleasant, we will pray for u and for aripsalin23 i hope u have been for spiritual guidance to a priest or someone who knows yr dad and can advise u. remember yr life is in God's hands, not yr dad's hands, and God will protect u and give u strength in the hard times. bullies have less power if they see u don't depend on them, so keep up with yr prayers and life in church and u will find strength here.
    may God give peace to all who suffer in their homes.
  • i have lived with the same cross for many many years. but St. Paul tells us to "Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! " Phillipians 4:4
    Know that this is just your cross for now and never blame yourself for any of it.
    God sees what's happening and He has a great plan for all of this.

    Pray for me as I will for you
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