deacon getting back

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can the ex-homo became a deacon
i mean he was deacon then he became homo n now he is back thanks to GOD
can he continue his service


  • lol homo hahahahha
    i think the proper term is homosexual.
    Is he a full consecrated deacon??
    How do you know that he was a homosexual then returned?Is it verified or is it just typical Egyptian gossip?
  • homosexuality is simply a sin.  fighting the unnatural urges and overcoming them means a person has/is trying to repent, and so nothing can hold back a repentant sinner from serving.
  • "the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out" (John 6:37)

    "For I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more" (Jeremiah 31:34)
  • In the Name of the Father, the Son, The Holy Spirit. One God

    I believe that once a deacon, a priest or a bishop has lost their rank in the Church they can never return to that rank, an ex priest can be a deacon but not a priest. a ex deacon can not be a deacon again, once he became homosexual, he relinquished his rank because a deaconb has to live by certain standards.

    Glory to God. Amen
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  • For deacons: there are certain things that they must not do becasue they are higher in rank and hence more is expected from them. I believe this depends on his case with his own father of confession and church priests. deaconship is not a gift but it is a responsibility that not all are worthy of (generally speaking not that i am boasting in being a deacon/reader). Therefore, i think, the consequences of the sins are different from those that are to the people/laymen.
  • I don't believe what kefleyohannes said about deacons is a rule but as minagir said, it's up to the person's father of confession how he wants to discipline him.

    Maybe what kefleyohannes said is true for clerical ranks but I don't think it's true for deacons.
  • [quote author=the_least link=topic=9412.msg116105#msg116105 date=1277914747]
    Maybe what kefleyohannes said is true for clerical ranks but I don't think it's true for deacons.

    yes. It is true for Priests and Bishops because they receive the authority to distribute the sacraments so much much more is expected from them.
  • To be clear, if you aren't a full deacon(ie the actual rank) then you aren't considered a true deacon. The issue regarding this is that deacons are consecrated to the alter and once you become that rank you can't get married if you aren't already and if your spouse dies you cannot remarry. The rank of deacon is considered to be the first rank of the priesthood. The deacon can distribute the blood if necessary. If you are a rank under deacon you are still considered laymen.
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