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Has any one ever watched a tv show and then suddenly a G rated movie turns out to be full of kissing and wrong doings? Is is it your fault for watching it? Is it considered a sin to look at these things that just popped up? Take Harry Potter for instance, great story behind but in some movies they seem so unholy to even watch with there heads cut off and all that stuff... Should I be accoutable for watching harry potter?

Also, when you commit a sin and you tell it to abouna in a way that doesn't make seem as bad... is that sin forigven?

P.S: Harry Potter Number One was rated F-Family

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  • harry potter is fine! i mean, abouna says that its wrong cuz it involves sorcery but you just have to know the difference between pretend and reality. I mean seriously, harry potter is not even close to how bad tv can get.
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    Yes i agree, but have you seen number 2,3? the snake at the end is grusome, and the 3rd one the dementors are really grusome, it has these things

    and i heard priest dont even watch t.v so i might guess they think its a sin dont yu think?
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  • who said priests dont watch tv... they do, they are normal people.
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    i kno 2 dat dont, well at least i think the other one doesn't
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    who said priests dont watch tv... they do, they are normal people.

    U kno its so funny u said that cuz b4 lyk 3yrs ago we went to the zoo with Aboona Dawood and he was eating chocolate chip cookies and I screamed saying OMG aboonas r allowed 2 eat chocolate chip cookies!? And another time my friend told me aboona wore pajamas and I was lyk omg, they're normal! I didn't mean it just happened. WWHOOO, okie sorry that just popped out of nowhere.

    Back to topic... 1) I don't think ur held accountable on something u saw and didn't mean to see or it was an accident, there's nothing wrong there. 2) We're all old enough to know right from wrong. And u kno ur heart very very well, so if u watch harry potter and by the end of the week ur running around with a black magic book, it's best u refrain from seeing such things, but if u just watch it for the sake of entertainment, there's nothing wrong there...and to be honest with u I've seen more gruesome things on CNN news, lolx...

    3) And telling aboona ur sin, whether u make it sound bad or good, does not change the fact that it's a sin. There are no good sins or bad sins. Look at it this way, if we're all sick in a hospital and I have aids while u have cancer...can either one of us say my disease is better than yours or even try to make it sound good? No way! Think of it that way, we're all sick with the sin-disease, whether u kill someone or lie, a sin is a sin no matter which way u spin it....

    GOD BLESS ALL! :-*
  • was i the one who told you that syl?!! they were lyk this certain galabeeya...rite???....anyway yea it drives me crazy how so called harmless t.v shows are really disgusting....i watch them noe and im so surprised of how perverted they are.....for example the movie grease i think its rated PG...and it really really really is not apporiate....and spongebob...o that show gets on my nerves so much.....i think watching it just makes you less there was this episode and spongebob read a bad word from something....and even tho that word wasnt said it gets lil' kids curious....the only reason i noe these shows is because i have a younger brother and it drives me crazy when i sit down with him to watch this....and you realize that in most shows the idea of having a boyfriend is accepted....and yea tv shows lyk simpsons and south park.....i really dislike them....and lil' kids do watch them...wut happened to flinstones that wasnt that pink panther...sorry

    i dont think that abouna will see it as a good or bad sin as sylvia said....because such a thing doesnt and dieases at the end of ur confession abouna still sees it as a sin and the thought of you confessing that sin and you haven repented for it...thats what it is forgiven....
  • CONGRATS mr. coptic orthodox.. ur a full member now!!!!! ;D.. sorry i'll go back and read the topic now.. lol.. it just caught my :o- like this... hehe :D
  • the song that says "o be careful little eyes what you see" comes to mind, and television isnt a sin, to an extent, like if u watch tv, its not a sin, but if u watch it 2 much and waste time its like a sincuz u coulda done something more beneficial in that time . theres a verse that says something like "many things are lawful, but not all things are helpful"
  • u ROCK bron3.. hey will staying here for a long tym be considered a sin???? ???... i hope not i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE- notic the emphases- this site... i love the ppl toooo.. :-* :-* :-* ;D
  • if you are here for a long time, and not gaining anything it is a sin... but doing this is better than other things, a youth would be doing in the world.
  • awwww come on you guys!! you gotta leave Grease!!!!! John Travolta, Olivia Newton John....You're the one that i want!! Summer Lovin!
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  • u can do it RITA.. ur gonna be one just like that- snap my fingers- lol.. but u won't even notice it.. happened to ur lil friend here.. ;D.. but i talk alot so ya.. :D
  • yea but Grease...omg....lil' kids shouldnt be watching i have the song stuck in my head...thanks :) :) :)
  • lol sry, and oops instead of "you gotta LEAVE grease" i meant "you gotta LOVE grease" lol sorry!
  • i kind of figured :) :)
  • or pink panther...sorry


    Great show!
  • [quote author=socoolbishoy link=board=1;threadid=941;start=0#msg16406 date=1104182930]
    who said priests dont watch tv... they do, they are normal people.

    i know this is out of topic but one time on Easter Monday our preists were on bikes and scooters n playing football. Amba David is always playing sports. Priests n bishops r human beings. lets keep that in mind. back to opic ;D
  • wait lets not go back to the topic just yet.. my abouna goes to the park and plays soccer w/ the he's a fun abouna.. i love my abouna sooo much.. ;D
  • well i kno some abounas that make use of their time and some that dont, so i see some play bball and at the same time i see some do nothing but sit and talk and drink shai and stuff

    so i guess its various lolx!
  • yup yup abounas do lots of weird things that we.. normal ppl.. do ;D
  • Well when Bishop David come to toronto Abouna Pishoy his brother and he is one of the priests of our church plays with the youth against Bishop David basket ball
  • i heard anouna Pishoy is AMAZING at basketball...and they just roll up their garments and play with their black :) :)
    meaning you arent responsible but u know better than to keep watching it if theres stuff in there.
  • ok thanx, so hp is ok???

    cuz i dont like thos pics in the movies ???
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