Interpretation of John 10:16

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Jesus said: And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice and there shall be one fold, one shepherd. John 10:16....

I was at the mall and there was this man giving out these cards and he gave me one (he like everyone else must have mistaked my for a muslim) basically he is was a muslim but converted to Coptic Orthodoxy and was giving out his "business card" since he has some sort of organization called "Crying Voice to Islam" and just conversing with muslims at the mall about his findings regarding religion and his conversion (pretty brave guy, i think) anyways we talked for a bit n he gave me his card and the above verse was on it.... I just wanned to know people's input on who exactly this verse is referring it people of other faiths etc? if anyone can help me out with this ...please do!


  • Gentiles if you ask me.
  • that is GREAT that someone took the initiative to do that. reminding people of God's love.

    I think when Jesus said this verse, the jews used to think that they were only God's children and the chosen ones. so He said, "And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold" He means everybody, not just gentiles, (well, back then gentiles was everybody who is not jewish)
    But this could be applied today if we consider the "fold" here refers to the church, then he means others who are non-christians, or different faiths, etc... not just Muslims or buddists, or whatever.
  • yup copticboy said it all.. u took the words right outa my head.. lol.. ;D.. good stuff coptic boy..
    nice topic copt4life.. me like it VErrY Much-thats w/ the lil EGY accent-lol :D
  • :)

    me like it VErrY Much-thats w/ the lil EGY accent-lol

    LOL....Thats so funny! You're too cool for your own ;D
  • haha very funny Jerry.. but sorry u got it alll wrong.. i'm not cool.. lol.. ;D
  • k SANKZ ya welad (n thats with that lil egyptian accent 4 u Rina lol) ;)
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