Pope Shenouda

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Please remember pope shenouda in all your prayers. As he needs them. May the great LOrd continue to help his service and protect his life.
God Bless you all


  • Pope Shenouda is in need of not just of prayers, but tearful prayers...not just tearful prayers, but prayers with the full depth of our hearts.  He is in the middle of a trap that the Government of Egypt and Satan are preparing for him and the Coptic People.

    The difference is we have the Mighty Hand of the Just and Almighty God.

    May the enemies of His Holiness be cast beneath his feet.
  • I didn't hear. What's going on?
  • Well a man from the coptic church in egypt had permission from the government to divorce his wife,(she is already divorced because he committed adultery, i think) but the church did not give him permission to divorce so he took this case to the highest court in egypt and the judge ruled that H.H. Pope Shenouda III should give permission to the man allowing him to divorce. Of course, our pope follows the Bible and he told the government that he has his own laws and they have their own laws I will not give him permission to divorce.

    I haven't heard what's happened after that, but the government can make this into a really big deal and do very bad things to H.H.

    May God help him in this situation, he needs all your prayers.
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  • ya sorry, no one committed adultery.

    BTW, thanks Dimyancoptic for correcting me. ;D ;D
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