Is it wrong if I don't like to be around people?I don't have anything towards anyone .Its just I like to be alone ,and don't want to talk nor listen to non spiritual talk.


  • No it is not.

    Our Lord was always around all types of people.
  • Talk with your confession father. Maybe this is your spiritual path, but it could also be a feeling borne from some other things, like depression or a dysfunctional personality, or poor self-esteem etc.
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    No it is not.

    Our Lord was always around all types of people.

    Our Lord was always wearing sandals too <_<

    I think it's fine if you want to be alone... many of the saints chose this path.
  • This is basically what all hermits do. It is not wrong at all, but be careful because the devil might remind you of how you don't like to be around people and how you are so holy and you will get prideful. Just be careful because it is an amazing virtue that you have that many people try their whole lives to achieve. Just remember that you are the lowest of all people.

  • i don't disagree with the idea of being alone helps come closer to God.....but it can also be the way you can get far away from Him. being alone and having free time gives your mind idea and things to do that they can lead you away from God and not towards him. it's the Devil at work......not to make you "sin" in the clear meaning but rather take you away from God.
  • hey i think its definitely ok if you like to be alone for SPIRITUAL reasons.
    so think if its a spiritual reason or not.
    think- am i growing spiritually because of this?
    or - am i separating myself to carry my cross and be different from the world?
    or -am i being alone to be with Christ
    or- am i not conforming to the world
    ..things like that
    If its not, Genesis 2:18 says "And the LORD God said, “It is not good that man should be alone""
    If u wanna learn more about being alone, here are very good sermons =]
  • I am a happy go lucky guy ,and I definetly know that I am not better than others.Its just since Lent ,and after reading "The Spirutuality of Fasting"I tried to spend more and more time doing spiritual stuff during the time of abstinence .I have always been a loner ,so I don't mind beeing alone.By beeing alone and doing spiritual exercise ,I become naturally more joyful.Therefore, I thought that we have to show everyone the joy of Christianity.As a result, I tried to be among friends and people more .However, by doing so I have problems contemplating and thinking about God.Consequently, I am getting lukewarm among people.It just so difficult talking about one thing,and thinking about God at the same time.
    Thanks for the input.I will talk to my confession father.
  • or when a group of friends are just talking about pointless things just try to insert God into the picture like asking them "hey did any of you read the bible today or get a good message the past week?"
  • aww wow thats great orthodox4ever =]
    God be with you =]
  • Make sure you have a spiritual director however.
  • There is nothing wrong with being alone. If you are alone and fill your time with positive pursuits I see no ill in this at all.

    If you are alone because of something like depression then this is not good as it is negative.

    I suggest that if you want to be alone you spend the time reading or with a productive hobby, and give other people a chance, do not just reject them or judge them outright.
  • you should be a monk!! :D
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