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Hi I am a convert to Orthodoxy, I was baptized in 1985. I live in Bermuda. I teach Sunday School and  I help to organize different different events for the Church  though I have been a member of the Church since then there is still a lot I would like to learn and I pray that this will be the form for it.  I am a avid reader so if anyone can suggest books this would be great.


  • welcome!
    any books by HH pope shenouda are awesome, and there are many small booklets by him that are translated into english.
    if u have any trouble getting hold of them, there are some here on this site:
    may God bless yr work  :)
    mabsoota ('happy' in arabic)
  • following mabsoota's link, "The Spiritual Man" is a GREAT book by HH Pope Shenouda III. I suggest checking it it out! :D
  • I realized that I said I was baptized in 1985 actually it was 1995.  I have read the Spiritual Man as I have read quite a few of HH books.  I would love to read books by Fr. Tadros Malaty so if you could give me some names this would be great.
  • Hey Agape47

    Here is a link for Fr Tadros' Books

    Perhaps you can start with the Book "House of God" One of my favourites

    God Bless

  • and I want to be one of that people who helps the non believers to believe in our GOD Jesus Christ.

    lol we're all God believers here.. I suggest you participate in an atheist forum  :P

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