Please pray for me

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pray for me to conquer this certain battle I am facing.. a war in my brain.. just say a short prayer now and then


  • may God give you strength  :)
  • May Our Lord Jesus Christ help you conquer all the bad thoughts that fight you. Amen.

  • Dear Lord:
    we give thanks and praise to you!Thank you for your love,grace and salvation!
    I come to you and pray for this friend.I lift up his or her everything to you.You know his problem and the battle he or she is facing now.Please strength your child and comfort him/her.Please send your peace and happiness to this friend.
    Lord,we trust in you and we love you with our hearts.
    May your kingdom come,in the name of Jesus Christ,Amen!

    God bless you my friend,keep praying and God will help you as he promises to us!
  • God is with you--always.
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