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Me myself i would really love to be a bishop or hegoumen, but im aiming to marry and become priest, or become hegoumen, its a hard choice becoz my parents love to see me married

b4 all did im going to become a family doctor

how about you guys?

sry i forgot hegoumen, if you want pls state

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  • id love to be a epiziakon deacon, im agthnostos now..
  • so why isnt 'nun' in there?
    lol.... some people might be thinking of the desert that arent male ;)
    lol....or deaconess? they have those except the girls cant get/be married to be a deaconess.... boo... lol
    good luck to all with that!

    take care.....
  • yeah, me and george in the same boat; oghnostos now, and a epi-deacon wannabe lol
  • lol!!!
    i dont think id go further after that, not worthy enough?
    is it deacon or arch-deacon wen u can give the blood?

    and how long have u been aghnostos??
  • how old were u wen u got aghanostos?
  • archdeacon gives the Blood only when a priest/bishop cannot
  • and a deacon also could give blood.... but for me I would like what God chooses for me.... whether it is a monk, or a priest... I dont care what comes from God is good.
  • yes i thought it was both.
  • [quote author=CrazyCopt link=board=1;threadid=927;start=0#msg16263 date=1103933134]
    archdeacon gives the Blood only when a priest/bishop cannot

    hay crazycopt that isnt always the case at my church our arch-deacon gives the blood while the Abouna gives the body thats how it happens here in Sydney with churches that have arch-deacons

  • >:( :(yer guys u forgot nuns and deaconesses >:(
    lol nar its kool i wanna b a deaconess or whatever God wills for me whatever i b i will not stop serving God whatsoever!!! but i really want to b a deaconess

    GBU all
  • [quote author=G.J.I link=board=1;threadid=927;start=0#msg16261 date=1103932999]
    how old were u wen u got aghanostos?

    i was ordained oghonostos in march 2003 (if i remember well lol) by his grace Anba Yoannis, so 1,5 year now. What bout u?
  • o i didn't kno u have to NOT be married to be a deaconess i wannna be that too.. but i also wanna get married its like most girls' dream.. but ya i didn't kno that.. o well maybe i'll be called "tasoni".. that sure would be lots of fun.. o yes it would be.. :D.. i like that idea.. but then again its God's will not mine... :)

    Rina ;)
  • a deaconess is always a widow...
  • arch deacons can give the blood?
    can sumbody name me the levels of deacons

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  • epsoltos..... Singer sings. It is a level given to children, so they would keep close to the church.

    ++++++++++++ steps of priesthood++++++++++++

    aghnostos.... reader reads the readings of the church, needs to be educated in the bible... and should be able to answer religious questions for the congregation. and all the steps that follow.

    apeztheicon.... take care of the doors of the church... or leads, and makes sure everything is being done right

    Diacon... this is the deacon, wears black, has to be married, and dresses like abouna... not during the liturgy, but outside in the world. Serves in the alter, and gives blood, and only the blood

    Arkhi diacon... the upper level of the deacon.
  • if it was possible i would wanna be a bishop....lol...if possible....but it isnt...lol....its not fair....jk....i really dont think its the same if women were priests and bishops, etc....but there are very holy women lyk...mother ireny..... philopatir and her are very close...
  • thanks bishoy, for the heads-up, ok one second here, i knew this guy b4 he became a priest but he never wore the tunic abouna wears before being a priest, hwo come??

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  • By the way, when you become ordained archdeacon, if your wife dies or if you aren't married yet, then ur not allowed to get married.
  • has anybody here ever seen an arch diakon?

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  • yeah, I have seen an archdeacon. In the Cathedral of St. Reweis in Cario, Egypt. This archdeacon serves with Holiness Pope Sheounda III during liturgey. And if you watch the video live of the Nativity or Resurrection Fesats, you could see him. He wears this random hat (Emma) on his head while he serves.
  • I think you guys have it all wrong the way i understand how the church works, when u said that the deacon gives out blood during communion in sydney while abouna gives the body, i might be wrong about this but what i studied and learned was that the archdeacon a good example is Mu'allim Ibrahim Ayad, for his rank of deacon if there was a liturgy and there was only one priest doing the liturgy in the cathedral and there were no other priests or bishops present in the cathedral or newhere within miles, right than and there would Ibrahim Ayad be able to give communion and at that point (i have to check on this part) but right than would he be made a priest. HOwever i think the part you said when the deacon helped abouna give the communion is wrong becasue usually abouna will do the body than come back for the communion. Another thing many people mentioned was the ranks of deacons, i don't no about other places but here in mississauga, canada we don't really pay attention to the ranks every rank could do what other ranks do, which isnt tradition but it happens, I'm sorry if i said somethin that is wrong but this is my understanding.. god bless you all....merry christmas.....
  • archdeacon a good example is Mu'allim Ibrahim Ayad,

    he is not...
    we are not deacons... we have our own levels, Ill post you a pic. of a deacon.
  • has anybody seen an archdiakon give communion then?

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  • ya mr. coptic.. i have.. and abouna was there too.. so i dunno.. but i still don't get it do u have to be a widow or non-married to be a deaconess??? ???
    sumone explain.. plz

    peace and chicken grease!! :D.. i love that line.. :D
    Rina ;)
  • you have to be a widow... at least that is what I was taught, I will search it up to make sure.
  • why widow, is deaconess some type of level to becoming a nun?
  • sorry but does a diakon HAVE to be married?
    the question is directed to u in a way bishoy.....

    notin personal
  • sorry I just read that now.... sorry it has take soooo long... but the answer is YES... because many make their way to become priests.
  • How do you become a monk? I want to be one, I also dont speak arabic very well so i want an english monastery
  • you'll have to learn arabic lol

    but to become a monk u have to live in the monsatery after being ordained a priest im pretty shure
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