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I am so happy right now.  For the past two years, I had this one sin that I have been doing every single day and I could not stop.  Right when I started the sin, my dad lost his job. He remained unemployed for the past two years.  Coincidence, I do not think so.  I finally realized that with this sin, I am not only ruining my life and my chances to get into heaven but also my whole family's life by living on a budget.  Yesterday, I finally decided that I would not do the sin anymore.  Although yesterday and today have been very difficult to go through, I got through it and I did not do the sin.  This morning, my dad received a call and a got a job and is starting Monday.  Look what the power of God can do!

O give thanks to the Lord of lords for He is good, alleluia His mercy endures forever!!!


  • Glory to God forever.

    Oh and can u say what that sin was, if u are uncomfortable u can just pm me. i think i am going through the same thing.

  • Our sins do affect those around us, and our family. Not as though God is punishing other people for what we have done, but because we are allowing negative and evil powers to enter our homes and families and like a bad smell it affects everyone.

    May the Lord grant you steadfastness, and may we all appreciate the seriousness of sin, not only for ourselves but for our families, friends and churches.

    Father Peter
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