Finals are here!

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For me at least...

Oh, here comes the stress! Here comes the pressure! Here comes the cramming! Here comes the anxiety :'(

Here comes the prayers! Pray for me please. This semester is worrying me more than the last. And thanks for your prayers.

God bless.


  • May Our Lord Jesus Christ grant you to succeed well in your exams. Amen.

    Please pray for my family too.
  • God with you sodr2, May the Lord bless your exams and give you wisdom, succes and hope and by the intercession of Virgin Mary,Pope Kyrilos, abouna Yostos and Anba Makarios.

    Pleasee, pray for me and my exams too! I have final exams this and next week, it's my last year in highschool and If I pass I go to the college, but despite I prayed a lot and asked syadna (bisschop Antonios
    from Alminya and Anba Gobraiel) to pray for me, I am still so terrible afraid, because there is sooo little time and sooo much to learn yet.  :( Does anyone know what it means if a bisschop told you: You will pass, Virgin Mary will pass you (or something like that)? Does he say that only to comfort me or is it real? Sorry for my weak faith..I know I have to study and that God wants me to learn hard...but it's still too hard (concentration and time).

    +Please pray for me and my weakness+


  • Rabena m3akom, may you pass your exams in peace by the intercession of Virgin Mary and all
    the saints, Amen.

  • DOn't worry! Do your part in studying and leave the rest to God. Always have the Virgin Mary and pope kyrillos next to you.
    Good Luck
    God Bless you
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