Get closer to God

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how can i work on my relationship with God to get closer???!?!!!!


  • watch this =]
    part one

    part two

  • prayer, confession, repentence and taking communion. Also, read the Bible

  • [quote author=Abounasarecool link=topic=9245.msg114514#msg114514 date=1274222054]
    watch this =]
    part one

    part two

    that really helps
    please pray for me
  • [quote author=marina008 link=topic=9245.msg114516#msg114516 date=1274235279]
    prayer, confession, repentence and taking communion. Also, read the Bible


    i do that all but still falling in sins

    please pray for me
  • well no one is perfect! You know?
    we all fall in sins...and it takes forever to get rid of just one.
    Just keep praying and ask God to take them away bc by his grace he is able to.
    I promise you one thing dude...if you try hard and keep praying from your heart REAL prayers
    and keep reading te bible..u will get closer to God. i promise. i had this trouble too...
    i never felt like i was everrr getting closer to God...but u haveto have faith =] & u have to
    understand that God will not automatically make you the most spiritual person...bc thats actually bad
    for you and u will fall into pride. Getting closer to God includes baby steps...and it takes a whole life
    to get closer to Him. something someone told u eat everyday? yes. But do you see yourself
    growing after one day? takes a while to see growth..thats howit is for your spiritual life.
    I promise..keep engaging in true prayers and reading the Bible and you will get closer to God. =]
    Rubina maak
  • and there is nothing wrong when you fall into sin..we all fall. But it
    gets dangerous when you get immune to it.
    Once you see a sin, immediately repent it =]
  • Love your self as you love your self, respect others as your self for we are made from the image of GOD.
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