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hey everyone,
I'm getting piles of work and i'm overwhelmed? I just can't take it. Wat can I do to focus, and be patient?
Any ideas?

sister in Christ


  • +Try to think of it as doing it for God.."For me to LIVE is Christ" (Philippians 1:21). Prayer is also the best thing when u begin a task. Even a short 2 minute prayer can work wonders, as long as it it from ur heart. Ask God to give u strength and endurance and try to do everything for the glory of His Holy Name.
  • thanxs i love jesus i will try that out. Anyone else have some advice? ???
  • (After prayer, from the post of I love Jesus) Make it interesting! (Even though we all have our maximum point while working, through God's grace and blessing we can increase it). If it's a matter of focusing, make it fun, enjoyable, and break it down into sections. For example, make a game out of it, or reward your self for accomplishing a portion of work before moving on to the next piece, or sing while you do it, etc. God bless, I hoped this helped. Please pray for me.
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