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Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is surviving finals and living in the victory of the Holy 50 :)

As it is coming closer to the Pentecost, I wanted to ask ahead of time so that I can have as many resources as possible.

I need all details about the live airing of the Pentecost Liturgy prayed by H.H. the Pope, and the bishops. A member of our church, and a very very dear friend of mine is being ordained a priest that day so we want to maybe air it at church or at least make the links available with the times for those who do not already have Aghapy or CTV.

Thank you for the help, and please please respond because this is a HUGE event in the history of our church and a very joyous thing in our site.

Thanks again and please pray for me and for God to break down my heart to His will.


  • idk about live but I am recording it to my DVR then I will try to make a DVD!! SOOO EXCITED!!!!
  • Ahhh Abanoub! Will the whole liturgy be aired at your house? And will it be live in Egypt time, or US time?
  • I think Aghapy has it live and then repeats it once or twice... plus there is a guy on youtube that usually posts bits and pieces.

    PS: I hope admins dont kill me for this butt..... did your facebook get deleted?!! or did you block me!!!? :o

    EDIT: egypt time
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