Priests' Names

When a person is chosen to be a priest, who decides their name. The Bishop or the soon to be Priest.  If it is the Bishop, does the Priest have any say in what his name will be (Suggestions, Approval, Keeping name)?


  • The Bishop decides & it is mainly based on the commemorations of saints on that day
  • Sometimes, if time permits and only a small number of priests being ordained (or even 1), the pope would ask the person for 3 names and the pope would choose. recently the Pope been considering the places where these priests serve to name them.....sometimes he gives them the same name.
  • My grandfather was ordained a priest by H.H. over 30 years ago. His name is Nazeer Grais Gabriel while H.H.'s name before ordination was Nazeer Gayed Raphael - same first name, and surname named after an archangel  ;D So he named him Shenouda, after himself.
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