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I know this is probably against all moral value, and is just despicable but i just cant get over it no matter how hard i try.....my voice is terrible and deep and it really bothers me that i cant sing as good as other deacons in the church. When they offer me the mic i have to usually step back or just keep saying no until they just give up lol. Does anyone have any tips on how to make my voice better? or EVEN BETTER to just not care about my voice?

-Yea i know its not about the voice its about the heart and all that, but some things like this i just cant get off my mind its just wayy to much. its almost like that math problem that you know you can solve but you just take so long you give up. i just need help because im mentally ill, and i and nonetheless the worst of out of many people, and im not kidding this is one of the problems the devil makes me deal with day in and day out. So back on topic i need help anyone? someone?


  • I know how you feel.... my solution to this has always been stay as far away from Mics unless you are needed :D But if i am not i just go to the back and try to focus on the liturgy.

    You can take a class in school (my friend did that, it helped a little)


    you can record your self until you find a pitch and tone that sounds good to you.
  • you really cannot do anything about it in general.......BUT the best you can do is get voice training to your own voice; depending on the tune of your voice and how you feel most comfortable singing.
  • If you look at it from a different perspective it will help, think about who are you singing to, are you praying and praising God or are you at church to please the congregation.. There is a story about about three monks that would always pray the tasbeha together everyday and after each tasbeha they would see an angel come and bless them and carry their praises and prayers up to heaven. But one time a monk visited them and they didnt sing the tasbeha because his voice was way nicer than their voice so they let him do the tasbeha by himself but at the end they didnt see the angel like everyday and they asked why and the angel told them that for God it doesnt matter about the voice but the heart.
    When I read this story I really benefited a lot because as deacons many times we are tempted to focus more on the outside appearance and how the hymn sounds when sometimes we dont know what the hymn means. Hope that helped
  • When God made the heavens and the earth, man, woman, animals, day, night, He saw that it was good. When God made our voices, He didn't make mistakes, because whatever He makes is good and perfect and makes you an individual.
  • God wants your heart, not your voice:

    "My son, give me your heart, And let your eyes observe my ways" (Proverbs 23:26)

    As you yourself and everyone has said, its the inside that counts. The late Fr. Mikhail Ibrahim used to just read the prayers of the Liturgy rather than sing them, and we all know how spiritual and holy he was. God gives everyone talents - some are talented musically, others academically, others in sports, others in virtues. The most important thing is to develop the talents that YOU have, so that you can give an account for them on that Day.

    pray for me

  • its alright mark we can have horrible voices together and with xbox live :)
  • It's probably not as bad as you think it is! What a person hears of their own voices is actually different that what other people hear it is because the sound waves go through a different medium. Also, just because you don't like it doesn't mean that no one else does. I always thought I had a bad voice and never wanted to sing in front of other people but after some people hearing me (and on here too), I've received compliments about my voice and have become more confident about it.

    Just make sure you have a clear voice and it will turn out great. Honestly, no one really pays attention to the deacon's voice anyways but the words that he's singing.
  • Don't worry about what your voice sounds like, i know alot of people have said this but seriously, it doesn't matter. We could be just reading the whole liturgy out of the book but our church made hymns so that we don't pass out in the Anaphora.LOL.
    I know what you are going through. My voice was the same way, but i found out that when i just went in my room and sang any random hymn my voice got better. If you just sing alot eventually u get better and you sound like the great Cantor Gad Lewis. LOL

  • Fr. Simon, the Priest from our local church always says "if someone notices something wrong it means they are not focussing on their own prayers." Noone has any right to place judgement on your voice.
    Other than that, Practice, Practice, Practice. Even reading or singing to yourself aloud at home or when walking around helps train your voice. It also will make you feel better about your own voice which is in turn help too.
  • [quote author=Crazy4Christ1 link=topic=9160.msg113831#msg113831 date=1272374869]
    its alright mark we can have horrible voices together and with xbox live :)

    hahaha i love you man

    and yea i really will take this into consideration, and try to remember what you guys told me.

    Also im struggling with a psychological sin that is driving me crazy, one that many struggle with, and when i do this sin i feel like im not even worthy to sing, or even go on this website, or have anything to do with church untill like a day or 3 days after it....is this right?
  • well, in the first place we are not worthy but u just focus on your spiritual life, when you fall down get back up and don't look back at what you did, of course after you ask God to forgive you, that's pretty much my opinion
  • Present your voice as best as you can.  Express your heart, your soul, and your faith.  Close your eyes lift up your heart.

    Do not let your neck flex (slouch down to look at a book).  On a practical sense this does not allow for proper flexion and vibration in the vocal chords.  Straighten out the neck, keep your head forward or slightly elevated.  You may have your book at a higher point to allow for visualization.

    Ultimately, the prime directive and goal is to understand what you are saying.  If you go through that process, the heart feels, and it seeks expression.  The heart will find its expression in the voice.  A great cantor is one wear you can hear and feel his faith in his voice.  This does not necessarily translate to the popular voice.

    For example, Pope Shenouda's voice, in the Liturgy and in the calmness of the sermons, expresses his faith and passion for the Master--the Son of the Living God.  You find yourself hanging on every pronunciation and even there is a replication of his pronunciation at times.  No different than I find with some of the chants in the churches where a given person will follow a style of a mentor cantor.

    I think you have to feel comfortable, be yourself, practice, express your faith, and have a little smile as you do the chants.  Our God is not the only one listening to you when you are in church doing the chants.  The entire church is listening, which also means you have to optimize the talent that was given you.  If you have five talents, you may not reach the potential and effect of ten talents, but you also do not want to bury the talent under a tree.

    I hope these tidbits and advice are helpful.
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