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Dear Friends.

I am Daniel.
I am being Baptised tomorrow and Chrismated into the British Orthodox Church tomorrow, and after being active on their forum, decided it is also good to join one from the mother Church.

In Christ,


  • hey,
    a thousand congratulations!
    (translated from the arabic, 'alf mabrook')
    it's customary in the coptic church for people to congratulate you when you are baptised/ chrismated, it's a lovely custom.
    welcome also to this forum, and may God guide you and give you peace in the road ahead.
    ('happy' in arabic)
  • God is with you...always.  He is Generous!
  • God bless, btw we have a British Orthodox priest who is a member and moderator on this site, his name is Fr. Peter Farringtion, so im sure you have plenty of people who you can relate to.. im sure we are all looking forward to your discussions
  • congratulations!!!  :D

    God bless you brother, and your life in Christ within the BOC.
  • Congratulations, and welcome to the forum  :D
  • Congratulations!! Welcome to the best thing to hit the earth since Jesus himself!! :D
  • congrats, its just a start

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