Icon of Saint Mark

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Just a quick question: why is there always a lion next to Saint Mark on his icon?


  • I know of two reasons.

    The first is because him and his father were attacked by lions. His father, who wasn't a Christian told Mark to run. Mark commanded the two lions to leave them In the Name of Christ, and they either fell dead, disappeared or were tamed; I've heard different explanations of the story.

    The second reason is that St. Mark directed his Gospel to the Romans. Since they were such a military-strong society, he directed his writing to exemplify Christ's power while on earth (many miracles and stronger language) which of course resembles the nature of the lion. This also explains the "Face of a Lion" around the throne of Christ. It shows his strength and Kingship portrayed mainly by the Gospel of St. Mark.

    I hope I've helped, please pray for me.
  • All of the above and inclusive One of the Incorporal Being that bears the throne of God is ascribed symbolically to St. Mark.

    The Calf/oxen (depnding on translation)--St. Luke
    The Eagle--St. John
    The Man/Angel--St. Matthew
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