Friends Issue

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Hi guys. Christ is Risen!

I am having a friends problem. I have 2 close friends. I can talk to them about anything and we told each other that we would not hide anything from each other and if we tell one person something, we will tell the other person also.  I feel like I am the left out one now.  The other 2 friends always call each other and tell each other so many things but they dont tell me; i have to find out my self by asking a lot.  When I ask them, they reluctantly tell me and try to get out of telling me every time by saying its a long story and they have no time.  They are still signed onto messenger and I find out they are talking to each other. I call them and they both ignore my calls.  I email them and they do not answer. Sometimes I even instant messenger them and they do not answer.  I feel like they are getting closer and leaving me out and I do not know what to do. I talked to them about it and they said I am just paranoid and I need to calm down. I disagree.  What should I do? Please remember me in your prayers.


  • I think you have to realise that its not that important. You should fill yourself with spiritual literature instead of becoming too concerned with what they are saying to eachother or what they are not telling you.

    Besides, nothing is really that important, particularly if it doesn't concern you or your family.

    So all I can suggest is that you:
    1. Pray that God may satisfy you entirely
    2. Read the Bible
    3. Read saint stories
    4. Listen to hymns
    5. Learn Hymns, memorise psalms etc
    Im sure you get the point... just focus on something else and you will forget about what they are doing.

    The feeling of lonliness is very hard to overcome alone, but with God all is possible.
  • sometimes friends are difficult people. we are all difficult sometimes. maybe its not a big deal to them and they don't think there is a problem. so they answer you rather casually which makes you feel worse, but maybe there really isn't a major problem with your friendship.
    the hard thing about friendship is that it's fairly normal for friendships to get stronger then weaker then stronger again with time. so see them as 'friends' rather than 'best friends' then you will expect less from them.
    my best friends are people i met only 3 - 5 years ago, so maybe there are wonderful people who will be your friends in the future that you didn't even meet yet!
    it's hard to imagine this when you are young and so feel fairly dependent on the friends you've already got, but the future is bright with God.
    of course, He should be your best 'friend', talk to Him always, study the Bible (i'm sure you are doing) and also make the effort to spend time with unloved, rude or smelly people and get used to giving friendship when you may not receive any in return.
    then God will bless your efforts  ;)
  • Hello Neniotee Ethoab!

    I can understand your sentiment when it comes to having friends you want to consider very close to you but sometimes they act, in your mind, very distant. I cannot speak for your exact situation/condition but from my own experience I never considered anyone besides our God and my family to be close to me. This is because I believe that God wants us to show our love to everyone (whether that be listening to their concerns, helping them when needed, etc.), but that we shouldn't expect such treatment in return. It took me many years before I could come to accept that but it also gave me peace of mind when I did.

    Hope this helps!
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