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    I agree there isn't a difference from the HCOC, maybe just that this one is solo and the HCOC is a group sung. Which in my opinion makes the hymn sound a lot better. As for the hazaat that seem to be confusing, the purpose of the hymns are to be preserved (sung in the most correct way) and so people can learn from them by listening.

    well I am with on that hymns do sound a lot better in a chorus from...but i disagree about learning part. Because when hymns are sung in a group the hazzat tend to just flow between the voices of people where it's nice to hear one harmonic sound but hard to learn from in the most accurate way....there are some exceptions for that thoo. and this is important; why?! because if one chorus recording have hazzat mixed in tune; when another learns, he will learn with uncertainty of that hazza (for example). when he goes to sing in a chorus, he will do the same....and hazza upon hazza, hazzat will be lost everywhere :-).

    Yes, one of the most important things we must do is preserve hymns and history shows that this is done BEST through handing down of cantors, individuals and not groups of people/choruses. Even HICS, the best chorus ever put together, they didn't replace cantors but they took hymns to a high standard of chanting hymns inside our Church and among the world in general.
  • I think there is an issue with the quality of recording.

    The recording systems, unless they are extremely accurate and expensive, tend to average out notes and 'hazzats' in the harmonic waves generated by the voices.

    Minagir, is quite attuned with his comments--very keen.
  • I agree with both Mina and ilovesaintmark. Just to add, when learning from a live chorus recording, the hymn's timing may well be different, as the time constraints and playing of the cymbals means that out of necessity some melismata will be altered. It's much better (I find) to listen to a Cantor when learning.

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