End of times.

Whom else here thinks that the world is going to end soon? There are many things going out of control, and Revalations is coming clear and true. For example the seven trumpets, I think there are possibly only one or two or three more to blow.


  • i dont really know. but it feel like the end. like what u have said there is a lot of things going out of control and like the most of what the bible said have already happened. but no one knows when?????? so we just have to wait for him
    pray for me   
  • Hopefully it will end SOON

    I CAN't WAIT!!!!!!!!
  • doesn't really matter... the question is when is my end... and where is your end... and what are we doing to seek our salvation!

    neshkor Allah... akhadna el baraka!
  • Nobody knows of the day or hour. The book of revelation is a completely prophetic and symbolic book. Not everything can be taken literally. If you mean as clear as mud then yeah, its very clear. "And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet... These are the the BEGINNING of sorrows." Since Christ came there have been NUMEROUS wars. Many natural disasters have occurred, terrible plagues(ever heard of the black plague?) and many many things that seem to have been spoken in the book of revelation. Guess what, whether the end is tomorrow or 1000 years from today it doesn't make a difference, Nobody knows the day of their death as the way know one knows of the end. Both have the end result, life as you know it ends. So regardless just be ready at all times. The book is not meant to scare you into looking for signs. Just be ready.

    Pray for me
  • As others before have said wisely, its about your salvation that you should be worried - you can spend your whole life trying to decipher when the world will end and still get it wrong, whereas you could die and have your life end any second. Which is the more dangerous then?

    pray for me

  • guys its tomorroww...
    lol jkjkjk
  • It does feel like it with the earthquakes occuring, but again we should be ready for it at anytime. Maybe we ay die before the end comes, who knows only God knows. Therefore, don't worry what time or when,but rather am i ready? Be like the 5 wise virgin who trimed their lamb to meet the bridegroom.

    God Bless you all

  • Thank you guys, I guess I have seemed to be forgetting it! But I will be honest what scares me the most is that the Anti-Christ is going to fool many Christians (God forbid that to be us, and any other Christian), with miracles and blessings. And that, the time is going to be harsh! Who I would like to see are the two prophets who are prophesized to come back and point out the anti-Christ. I have a lot of questions for them. May it be God's will! Ahahah, just make sure that the Israelites don't rebuild the temple of David, and we should be fine, just kidding. God bless everyone, and please pray for me.
  • I love eschatology so much. You are correct, there are many signs and unless someone knows how to interpret them they will go right over their heads. One thing that clearly shows how close we are is our present situation with oil. We have hit peak oil in the 70's, which means we have reached the point in which there are no more reserves left to discover. And we are on the down side of the bell curve, while our oil consumption is rising dramatically, even more so since China's economic boom.

    Most people dont understand that its not just gasoline and oil for our vehicles. Virtually everything is made, or used to produce, with oil. This is evidenced by the fact that the Saudis, who have the largest oil reserve in the world, are moving to off shore drilling which is much more time consuming, less energy efficient, dangerous, and expensive.

    As oil becomes more scarce the price will rise dramatically until nobody can afford it. This is a gradual thing, not all at once. Slowly we will see the food in our markets become more and more scarce because you need a machine, powered with gasoline, to harvest. When this meltdown begins, this is when we will really start to see the even scarier signs, and this is just one aspect and could be a possibility on how the mark will be implemented, through poverty.

    This is just a personal theory of mine. Feel free to add to, or even point out flaws in the logic of this argument so I can either refine it or just completely toss it away.
  • Actually the end of the world is tomorrow [I heard through the grapevine]...or was it the day after that...maybe next week!  Nah, I think it is tomorrow.
  • nobody knows
  • [quote author=Sinner_91 link=topic=9085.msg115305#msg115305 date=1276047204]
    nobody knows

    This is very true. But we are to watch for the signs of the times. Making predictions as to the exact date and hour is beyond our capacity. Its also clear in scripture that no man will know.
    One thing is for sure is that it is getting closer, the last century was probably the bloodiest in human history, and most likely the worst century in recorded human history.

    These things are good to watch out for, but it is very easy to go overboard on this subject and start placing dates on things and trying to fit certain events with certain prophecies etc etc. So it is advisable to be very cautious in studying eschatology. I personally have had to learn when to take a break from it as well.
  • Further update:  it is coming at noon time today.  I'm not sure which time zone.

    If the end of times does not come today, I will revise my prediction to be for tomorrow.
  • what make u so sure like that?
  • It was a stale joke.
  • ilovesaintmark, i hope ur kidding, cuz if not orthodoxy is going to have some problems with u. ;D ;D
  • Geomike,

    I think I made reference to the stale nature of my joke.  Hope all is well.  Remembering our frailty for our own end is in this moment and that are search for salvation is always with the expection that in a moment we may reach our end.  May God's Mercy reign over our search for him and our penance.
  • i think hes joking =] lol
  • For the third time:  it was just a stale joke.
  • Aaahahhaa! I love saint Mark, with your prediction you can never be wrong, unless if it happened yesterday, and the anti-christ only lived 10 seconds. Just kidding. God bless please pray for me.
  • Lol, sorry ilovesaintmark. I didn't read the post after it saying it was a joke. Forgive i will read more before i answer next time lol.

  • I think eschatology is very important in our salvation. Christ tells us to watch the signs of the times.
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