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is watching movies and listening to songs sin ????


  • what kind of movie is it? Does it send out a bad message, or is it just for amusement?

    Also, there are lots of genres of music. Most of the music that i listen to and enjoy are sinful because of the lyrics and the meanings behind them.

    Believe me, listening to tasbeha or taraneem is 100000% better than listening to any song out there.

    here is a link to my favorite spiritual song. Next to it, you will find other spiritual songs.

    Now, i would like to clarify that movies and music are not a sin, it just depends on which ones you are watching and listening to.
  • i`m talking about the regular movies & music that have some bad words or senses and i know that the traneem is way better but u `llnt  spend all the day listening to traneem or tasbeha, like if u have along drive u probably ganna start with taraneem or any thing like that but then u ganna chenge it to the radio or some songs that u have ????
  • maybe you can think of the words in the song and imagine you are telling God what they are. so your conversation with God goes like this;
    today i listened to a song that said 'he loves me yeah yeah yeah'. probably it wouldn't be an interesting conversation, but i don't imagine God getting very sad. but if you listened to 'i'm gonna *** your brains out tonite' then maybe you wouldn't want to repeat that to God.

    the same with movies. imagine you're talking to God or your little brother or granny and you say 'today i watched a movie about some good guys getting beaten up by some bad guys, then the good guys escapes and everyone was fine', it sounds better than 'today i watched a movie about how interesting it is to go into prostitution' etc.

    our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, so God is present in what we watch or listen to. i know it's often useful to know about which songs are popular on the radio so you can understand the culture around you, but if you're enjoying watching people's heads get blown off or people enjoying sexual sin, then you have a problem with your dull conscience that doesn't wake you up when you are doing these things you shouldn't.

    one of the ways to waken your conscience is to replace negative stimuli with positive ones like Christian music or movies of the saints, and to spend time reading the Bible (or listening to it online), especially during this Holy week.

    may God guide us into all truth, and pray for me too, a sinner.
  • to be quite honest with u, its not hard to give up worldly music. a few years ago i decided to give up completely on this worldly music that pollutes our minds and our bodies with disgusting words and nasty images.  if you have been listening to the radio lately then you know exactly what im talking about. and its everywhere!! you cant even go to a supermarket without hearing these disgusting songs!! it will be hard to give it up at first but once you are no longer attached to it, you will see what i mean

    and im not just saying just give up something u like and sit quite and do nothing! NO! REPLACE the worldly music with the beautiful hymns of the Church. You will never get bored of it, trust me. Every season has its own hymns and there are A LOT of hymns in our Church!!

    so why not focus on songs that praise God? Why would we occupy our minds with COMPLETELY USELESS worldly music?? actually its WORSE than useless, its damaging!
    God gave people the talent to sing so that they can pray and worship, not so that they can sing about drugs and violence and all of that nonsense.

    "Do not love the world, nor the things which are in the world. The world shall pass away and all its desires, but he who does the will of God shall abide forever." 1 John 2:15a,17

    God Bless and be strong,
    please pray for my weakness
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