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Hey Guys
Just wanted to ask something Quick...
I Just wondered about the Remeberance of Judas(yahosa) Betraying when it starts and when it ends and what kind of we can say like Can we Speak the Words"Hello,Hi,Salam...e.t.c"
or cant we?
In My Church our Father just said today(Tuesday Evening)till Eid(Easter) we cant Shake hands...
So whats now the truth?
Thanks for Answering...
I Wish you all a Wooonderful Blessed Holy Week and hope you are all well:)
Please pray for my weakness
Sorry for any Grammar and Spelling Errors:)


  • (Please correct me if I am wrong) Nice question! But the whole point of Holy Thursday is to not act as Judas inside the heart - it shouldn't really matter what we say physically (such as saying hi! Which one of us can say that we haven't betrayed God, that we haven't sinned and loved sinning? For Judus can be symbolic for all of our weaknesses, frailty, and corruption. Just as when Saint Peter betrayed Jesus Christ our God and Saviour three times represents our corruption, sin, and how the whole world was against our Lord Jesus Christ, but what makes Peter different from Judas is, yes he did fall, but he repented and that is how our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ wants us to act, like the saints - according to Jesus Christ's will. I hope this was helpful if not God bless you with the answer! Please pray for me. God Bless all of you! 
  • During the passion week,the usual sign of peace  reminds us of the betrayal of Judas' kiss to the Lord Jesus Christ.So during these days, the sign of peace is not given as a symbol of our rejection of the wicked kiss that Judas employed to identify and betray His Master.
  • According to my Pascha Book, Wednesday through Friday, we do not greet each other or kiss the icons of the church remembering when judas iscariot betrayed our lord
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