Kid's Passion Week Activity

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Hey Everyone! A blessed Last Friday of Lent to everyone :)

I was wondering if anyone knew of guide through passion week for Children? These are middle school kids so coloring things wouldn't really work, but something that summarizes the day's events and has selections of readings and the message of the day. It would be great if you guys would respond ASAP so that I can get them printed and given to the kids by Palm Sunday.

If you have something that is similar but doesn't completely fit the description completely, send it my way and I'll tweek it for them. Whether it's for a younger crowd of kids or a more intense one for adults, I'm open to anything. Thanks everyone!

My email is [email protected] if you'd rather send it as an attachment than a link.

God bless and pray for my heart to be surrendered to Christ during this week of his passionate love.

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