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Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? Over the past couple of years I have been working on a website which I would like to share with you all. Now I just have one request that if you do visit it, please do not forget of sign the guestbook and give your feedback. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. By the way The photogallery, although might have pictures from my church events, you might find some pretty good pictures of the Pope as well as Bishops in there. Thank you in advance. And remember to sign the guestbook and give feedback.
The website is

Yours in Christ:


  • hye michael you go to st marks church right in toronto....

    i got to st bishoy's u ever been there?
  • Hi Roaming Yes I am from St. Marks and I have visited St. Bishoy church once and I know a few people there. Nut unfortunately I do not go there too often. Anyways nice meeting you.

    Your brother:
  • Great site, i love the music files that start when u go to different pages on the site.

    could it be possible to mail me these files (i suppose they are midi files) because these could be put on my mobile phone ;D

    if u dont want to that's ok

    plz pm me about this ;)
  • Thank you to those who visited my site... I hope you enjoyed it.

    Your brother in Christ:
  • really pretty site bro,
    is there any way we cxan download the cool video clips?
  • i can't go on it.. 4 sum reason it goes site is not responding....... I WANNA SEEE IIITTTT :-\
    even thou i'm sure its lyk AWESOME!! thats y i wanna see it.. o wow i don't make sense at allllll!!! :D

    Rina ;)
  • hey!
    awesome site....looks great!
    i LOVED those Christian video clips!! some are sooo touching! lol
    is your church in scarborough? if so, my church and yours are practically neighbours! lol...
    take care!
  • Thank you all for visiting my site. And yes My church is St. Mark in Toronto Canada. Ummmm.... someone had trouble opening the site.... I checked it out, I do not know why you are having trouble maybe you can try another time. But all in all thank you again and I hope you enjoyed visiting it. For all the visitors please do not forget to sign the guestbook.


    Your brother:
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