Tasbeha URGENT!!

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Hey everyone,

I need St. Nopher tasbeha in english and arabic. The doxologies and the tamgeed tasbeha

Please share need it ASAP

Thankyouu in advance
God Bless you


  • Hey! Here it is in English:

    Abba Noufer Praise

    A voice heard in the desert      a pure aroma
    Shining in eternity        Penyot Avva Noufer

    He was brought up in Barida      the desert in virtues
    Wisdom and holy zeal      Penyot Avva Noufer

    He obeyed the elderly      and listened to their holy lives
    Always tearful and in awe      Penyot Avva Noufer

    After struggle and prayer      he asked for guidance
    The Lord appointed a time      Penyot Avva Noufer

    A little water and food      to last for four days
    He followed the angel      Penyot Avva Noufer

    The angel was a guide      he left him as a sign
    In front of a cave        Penyot Avva Noufer

    A holy man lived in it      endured struggle and prayed
    He taught him to struggle      Penyot Avva Noufer

    The old man taught him well      he strengthened and guarded him
    After he left the monastery      Penyot Avva Noufer

    When he was strong enough      he chose a place for him
    And guided him to it      Penyot Avva Noufer

    An empty hollow cave      a palm tree and a well
    And wild grass to eat      Penyot Avva Noufer

    His long hair and beard      he was calm and beautiful
    In the care of God he lived      Penyot Avva Noufer

    Wild beasts of the desert      happy to live with him
    Protecting and guarding      Penyot Avva Noufer

    Sixty years in peace      he did not see a face
    Until his last moment      Penyot Avva Noufer

    He departed in holiness      to the heavenly Jerusalem
    Along with the praising      Penyot Avva Noufer

    Pafnouty the ascetic said      his virtues are well said
    He wrapped him in awe      Penyot Avva Noufer

    After his holy departure      the walls of his cave collapsed
    And closed the well with rocks  Penyot Avva Noufer

    When the Holy One agreed      He revealed to the Abbot nun
    He told her of the well      Penyot Avva Noufer

    They found the well covered      in the monastery of Harat El Room
    And the unkown became known  Penyot Avva Noufer

    They found the water sour      they put the coal of the censer
    The water became pure      Penyot Avva Noufer

    Great miracles were performed  by the mention of his name
    And the water overflowed      Penyot Avva Noufer

    How great is our God      always answering our pleads
    Through the prayers of His Saint    Penyot Avva Noufer

    Remember us O great Saint      when the Bridegroom comes again
    We greet Him with great joy      Penyot Avva Noufer

    I  also have it in Arabic but it's in a book so I have to figure out how to type it out for you or else find it online!
  • thank yo so so much marmoura i was looking for it everywhere!!!!!! :D

    Do you think you can scan the arabic for me?

    thankyou very much
    God BLess you!
  • Sure! i'll send it to you via email later today if that's ok :)
  • Hi Marina,
    I just sent you the tamgeed that you were looking for. I hope I sent it to the right email! Please let me know if there's any problems with it or if you didn't recieve it, and I'll try to scan it for you again.

    God Bless.
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