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Well i think this has been going on ever since i started my junior year in high school, i started off good and then it suddenly came to me..... recently i found my self to be VERY VERY forgetting, and lazy, and almost aged. Like if i were to read a book and i see somthing i like and i want to remember it, i probably would highlight it and write it down, maybe a day or two later i try to remember it and i cant!!!! I can barely remember what i ate yesterday, even in the momemnt sometimes i just cant remember what i just did for example.....i was driving with my mother yesterday and we stopped at some place so i can get food, and she remembered she had to go to my grandma's house to get some jewlery for her friend that my grandfather we both are sitting in the car and i ask her "so are we going to tetas house to get the stuff" she replies "yea we have to go" FIVE MINUTES LATER i ask the SAME EXACT THING.....and she says "yea i just answered you like two seconds ago...." I think i really have bad memory now and i cant remember most things. In math i find myself slowly doing bad, not understanding any of the things my teacher explains, and doing bad overall in the class. I can barely remember who i talked to yesterday, what i did, where i went, what time i did a certain thing. I even had a very good question to ask you guys; and i was sure it was going to be a very good one, and i forgot it........ I dont know why i dont know how (maybe to much video games?) but im slowly loosing my memory and all i can remember is my church stuff and a little bit of chemistry.... Anyone have an explaination? and helpful tip? a way to solve this? Anything is appreciated (lets just hope i remember what you said :'( )


  • Are you sleeping enough? Sleep consolidates memory so its very important to get a good nights sleep. Obviously the generic answer is pray. But prayers work wonders. Go to a doctor and get yourself checked out if its truly this serious. Maybe your mind is preoccupied with something else subconsciously. Are you worried about something? Being overly stressed can also affect memory. Also laziness and being idle can cause your brain to slow down. I find myself in your position in times of laziness. Which is ironic. The busier i got the better my memory was that i stopped writing things down in a calendar to remember things and I would just remember them on my own. So try to fight this laziness regardless since this is not as related to memory as it may seem. The best thing to do is get some sleep if you aren't and if that doesn't help then go see a doctor. Feel better

    Pray for me and my weakness
  • I think youre being brainwashed by the internet :P lol just kidding! That actually happened to me before when i was online like 24/7.. but I've reduced my time tremendously and theres a BIG difference, I'm starting to pay more attention and stay focused on tasks... I'm also remembering last night's dinner ;)

    But it's not always the internet that does that, sometimes it's cause your too focused on one thing (maybe school.. maybe people..) and thats all youre thinking about, so nothing else is really important to you (hence you forget it... your brain only remembers what you want it to remember). You should def break up your time and and attention, so your mind isn't only on one specific idea/subject/whatever... sometimes, though, this can be a good thing.. like monks in the desert are too occupied with God, and they find themselves so detached from the world and nothing really matters to them lol (you probably shouldn't do that since you still go to school :P )

    Maybe we can get some advice from the psychologist here :)

    May the internet's wrath not come upon us.
  • wow i'm exactly like you-ZERO memory except things that i actually care about-like school

    i told the doctor and she said i have to take vitamin B12

    idk though
    it's good to see that i am not alone (i get made fun of a lot for my lack of memory)
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  • I have that same problem. If I dont care about the subject it takes me a long time to learn it. Sleep is definetly important but it is always good to check with your doctor, even checking into a sleep study. If you have a problem you can get Provigil, a very effective drug that promotes wakefulness and also seems to help with memory problems as it tends to keep people more focused. Definetly check in with your doctor.
  • With all due respect, Ioannes, I do not recommend taking Provigil without a physicians recommendation for several reasons:
    1. It does not cure sleep disorders, it makes you lose your sleepiness. So it acts almost like caffiene, which is not beneficial at all.
    2. You body can become dependant on it
    3. It has lots of side effects, including (but not limited to): Anxiety, depression, diarrhea, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, infection, loss of appetite, loss of muscle strength, lung problems, nausea, nervousness, prickling or tingling feeling, runny nose,  and sore throat ... YIKES!!
    4. It has the potential for abuse because it can alter your mood, perception, thinking, and feelings and give you an artificial "high" (sort of like some narcotics)... I gues this is why some people feel it makes them focus more.

    Overall, it's not a very safe drug to use and would be as effective in "improving memory" as drinking a cup of coffee, except that it has all these side effects as well.

    deaconmark123, the best thing that actually helps your memory is potassium and Omega 3, both found in fish. lol but because we're fasting now, you could get the potassium from eating bananas and the omega 3 from taking dietary omega pills. Try to get some sleep too because that's when all your memories are consolidated and stored as long-term memory. Also, if your memory does not go through its short-term stages first, meaning if you don't focus, then there's no way it would get stored as long-term memory for later recall. using your example, when your mom asked you the question, you were probably only half-listening and replying absent-mindedly and that's why her answer didn't go to short-term and then long-term memory so you couldn't remember it later. However, if you had focused on what she'd said with all your attention, I guarantee you would've remembered it! try these tricks and let me know how it works out :D
  • The mind is a powerful tool that God gave us. I think you need to sleep early because since you mentioned video games, I am guessing you stay up late playing them. Ok let me ask you this, can you remember and name all the video games that you have?

  • Eat well (fruits/veggies, also FISH is great brain food, mostly because it has the good fat that we need, almonds too), sleep well (not just enough hours, but try not to think about anything before), and pray for God to keep things in your head so that you can remember!! God bless.
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