I need Prayers

I need prayers. there are so many things wrong with me. i feel like two people. one person loves God and church and the other person does things that the church loving person would never think of doing. i cant control person 2 and i need prayers and help.


  • me too... i will pray for you.

    p.s. can you pm your first name.. i know God will understand me if i say "please pray for nenioty ethoab" but i like praying each person by their name.
  • Hi,

    I'm in the same position, as I'm sure many others are. It's not two personalities... it's you and the devil talking in your head. You talk with the Holy Spirit and the devil tries to convince you that nothing you believe is true. Trust me... this is the one thing that keeps bugging me over and over consistently throughout the day. This affects your behaviours throughout the day and makes you feel like two different people.

    Read a book called "Diabolic Wars" by Pope Shenouda. I just started reading it today, but I hear it's pretty good and I'm excited to read it! We could even have like an online book club here to discuss it if enough people are interested!!

    God Bless. Please remember me in your prayers also.
    Sometimes the devil was presented in a very famous saint and said: What are you? Nothing you. What kamneis you in kamno too. Do you work too? I work too. You sleepless? I stay up longer than you. Fasts you? I did not get a bite or food. Well we are the same. -No devil. You can do this, but you can not do anything that can make all the saints of God. You can not be humiliated. And this is the truth. The devil can not be humiliated, but also living with humility believers can not pay and win.
    Father Michael
  • [b] After waking in the morning, pray, and after some time, saying, Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me, the first thing you have to reflect upon is this: that you show that you see yourself in perikleismeno in one place, and stage, which is nothing more than to your own heart, and all the inner man; with this law, that anyone who did not fight there, staying always dead; and within this bill that you see that your front the enemy, and that your bad mood, we decide to fight, and you're ready to get hurt and die, just enough to win. And while the right side of the stage, thought that seeing the winning your commander in chief, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin of Mother, and several battalions Angels and Saints even with the Archangel Michael; and from the left, you see that fiendishness the devil with his own demons to lift that passion, and poor appetite bearing down you, and to encourage to leave the war, and to bow down to it; and imagine that you hear a voice, as if from guard your ads, so he says; "You now have to fight against just that passion, and other enemies; and not afraid at all your heart and leave the war because of fear or another contraction in any way; because our Lord Jesus and your commander in chief, standing here syntrofiasmenos with all chiliarchous and the centurion, that is all its glorious battalions to fight all your enemies, and do not let them in dynastefoun or a defeat; "Lord says, fought for you" (The Lord will fight through the salvation you) (N Exod. 14). So, wait firms, raped yourself, endured suffering to feel sometimes; shouted several times from the depths of your heart; "non parados with souls distressed at me" (Do not deliver in the hands of those that who have to with depression) (Z. Psalm 12). Shouted the Lord you, and the Virgin and All Saints, and Romanof; and will surely win; it says "I write unto you, youngster, that nenikikate the evil" (I write in you, young people, because you beat the evil) (A John B 13). And if you are weak, and usually the bad, and your enemies are strong and many, but many more are helping those who coined in and redeemed, and far stronger than you are God in the war as this; has written; "Master and strong krataios of War" (the Lord krataios forces and wars) (W. Psalm 8). And he has more desire to save you from that is the enemy to destroy.
    For this war, and not bored you ever bothered. Why the trouble, and the violence and suffering, you feel for the habit, acquired from evil, born to win, and the great treasure, which purchased the kingdom of heaven, and joins the soul forever with God. So, commenced in the name of God do battle with the tanks of the infidelity of yourself, and hope and courage in your God, with prayer and with the school; and more to the chariot of the heart, and mentally Prayer; which is, Lord Jesus Christ, so terrible name, who, like targeting knife Distomo in the heart, plagues, and chop the demons, and passions. So on and so said John of the Ladder "Jesus name plaguing wars" (In the name of Jesus, plaguing their enemies). With that, say, cities that the enemy, and that passion, and poor appetite, which in fights; that to hurt fatally, when the resistance, when the hatred, when the operations against virtue; so to do something you liked in God; who, with all the Church triumphant in heaven, stands invisible, and you see the war; why war should not feel sorry reflecting on both the debt we all have to work, and love to God, and secondly, we need to fight, as I said before you. Why, if by that war go, secure future to be killed. Then if you go to the timeless God in this war as a maverick, and dotheis in the world and in all Trifos, and rest of the flesh; but then, despite your will again have to fight; and hard-won , sometimes you sweat your face and your heart katapligonetai fatal fainting. When? In time of old age and death you. When the demons, and all your passions, be possible to encircle. And so to a defeat that you weak, who first antipolemiseis going to surrender to eternal death.
    So, not become so goofy, dear, to want to fight it then a long but futile; as wise, currently the trouble endured the war to win, to stefanotheis and unite with God, and here, and there in the kingdom of heaven, "mnisthiti the Creator in the days that your Youth, not until elthosin imerai cent of your wickedness; and fthasosi years, in part; essential ois esti me in them the will" (During the years of your youth and always be the creator enthymisai your life to NOT come imerai pain and suffering and reach old age years in which committal, "I have now and the best of our ability thelisin diafta things, by respecting and obedience to God. ")
    father Michael[/ b]
  • Thanks Abouna Michael for this great advice!

    Marmoura99, do you know where I can find this book?
  • Here's the link: http://www.copticchurch.net/topics/pope/#books
    it's the forth one down :)
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