Interpretation of romans 9

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I have a philosophy proffesor who was giving a lecture in class where he brought up Romans 9:18 and his interpretation of it was that Paul believed in predestination. Does Paul believe in predestination? He quotes romans in saying that Humans cannot say I want to go to heaven, God must offer them salvation, the problem is why didn’t God offer everyone salvation? I have read romans 9 and it does sound like that is whats going on.. Can someone please help me find the true interpretation of Romans 9. God Bless


  • Hey Meena,

    Great question! I had to read the passage a few times to understand it myself, but here's what I think it means:

    God is gracious and merciful to all, and he died for all of us to give us salvation. However, it is God's will that we are free to choose the path we want to take in life. Either way, He will use us to show His glory. If we choose to be good, then God will be glorified in what we do and others will know Him through us. However, if we choose not to follow Him, He will still use us to show his glory like with Pharoh, whose heart was hardened. Yet though miracles performed by God to save His people from Pharoh, many believe -- despite Pharoh's hardened heart.

    Another thing is that God is merciful AND just. He is merciful and compassionate to all, but only those who have followed him by grace will inherit His kingdom. It's just like in Ephesians 2 which says that we have been saved by grace and not our own deeds, lest we boast. God gives grace to everyone but we choose whether to accept it or not.

    I'm not sure if I explained myself well or if I even answered your question,  but it makes sense in my head! Hope this helps a little

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