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Last year with the youth at my youth meeting, we had all these ideas to strengthen our faith in God that are both fun and effective. Here are some of them that we tried out and found them to be awesome:

1. Get a box- any size any shape any colour, and pretend its God’s mail box. Write letters about your problems to God and put them in having faith that they will be solved- because it is written if you have faith small as a mustard seed, you will move mountains.

2. Start a Spiritual Diary: Get any notebook and as each day passes, write all your problems, big and small in it. As each problem becomes solved, highlight or cross out the problem. You will eventually notice that every problem you write down will be solved, according to your faith. This notebook becomes a good reminder to us when we are faced with a problem later in life because the enemy tries with all his might to make us forget what God has done for us and cause us to think that He is against us. The idea is to live life backwards, mentally, knowing that every problem that has ever passed, or will ever pass, will be solved.

3. Print out images and cards that have verses on them, roll it up and tie a pretty ribbon around it, make lots of these, and mix it up as much as you can and put them in a basket and distrubute to youth. This also works well with verses.

4. Distributing Quiet Time schedules (

Try this out with the youth in your church, you will love it as much as I did, and if you have any ideas to share, please do  :)


  • awesome! Thank you for the idea this seems really nice  :D

    GB and pray for me and my weakness
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