English programming on CTV & Aghapy TV

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Hi everyone,
    Its been a while and I hope all of you are fine.
Could someone tell me if English (or subtitled) programming is available on CTV and Aghapy TV. I have a very basic understanding of spoken Arabic and would be eager to view Coptic Orthodox programming.

We receive a host of Evangelical channels through a European satellite network and my wife is a regular viewer. I found that by re-orienting the satellite dish, I could replace this network with the one hosting CTV & Aghapy without telling my wife, of course. ;D I know its a cruel prank but I don't want her to watch the stuff that's incompatible with Orthodox faith.

Of course I would be fuming if someone did such a thing to me. Ideally, we shouldn't be depending on TV or the net for our spiritual needs. But these evangelical shows have a way of luring viewers and portraying traditional Christianity in poor light. Hence my concern at the potential problems it could lead to.

God bless you all,


  • I also have a "very basic understanding of spoken Arabic," and yes, I usually do see English subtitles on CTV and Aghaby TV, but not all the time. Maybe 60% of the time?

    And can't you have both networks or compromise something between your wife? I don't think anybody would like a "prank" on them regarding spiritual matters. Back in Canada, I'd always watch Nite Lite Live (Anglican program), and I was even surprised to see Abouna Pishoy as a guest.
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