Please Help

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Hey Brothers and Sisters
So Im in a really Bad Situation
Yesterday A Man Was killed by a Stranger in the Street I work Problem now.I have to work from now till Evening.(8PM)
And in Truth Im Scared To death Every Man is coming in I Fear its the Murder..(Sound horrible i knooow)
I wanted to ask how would you Pray what would you pray what should I Do.I Took A Cross With me and its beside me.
Thanks for Your Time..
Please Pray for Weakness

(the site for more information


  • Hi Vanessa,

    Do not worry. If possible,try to change or shorten the hours of your working schedual so that you get home before it starts getting wintery dark. Have the picture of Pope kyrollos with you and just pray and ask him to protect you.

    God and His saints are with you!
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