where did god come from?

hey everyone, i was wondering how when people say stuff like the big bang was the reason for the formation of the earth, and of course we say that it was god that created the earth right? Well i do belive that it was god and all but the question that really bothered me was where did god come from? I understand that hes eternal n everything but im still curious!! plz anyone explain!
pray for me n god bless.


  • I'm probably not going to explain this well, but I'll try. God is infinite. That means He is immeasurable in relation to any conceivable dimension. He has no beginning, otherwise He would be finite, which means we would then be able to measure how old He is. When we count, we will go "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8," on and on until we stop. But we only stop counting because we choose to, because we can never run out of numbers. There is always going to be one more number above the one you counted, and that is what infinity means. God is like this in every sense. If we try to count up how long He's existed, we would have this same problem.

    Here's an interesting article on the subject:
  • I think we can only speak of any dimension in regard to created being.

    God is not a being in any sense we can comprehend, he is being beyond being. So God is not subject to any size, or age. These are only words which have meaning within creation and within the realm of the created beings we can see and imagine around us.

    We can guess at the size and apparent age even of the universe, but the universe is not even a speck of dust compared with God because God has no size which the immensity of the universe could be compared with, nor does he have any age at all that the age of the universe could be compared to.

    So God is neither infinitely big nor infinitely old. He not big nor old at all since these are only words which have meaning for created beings.

    God bless

    Father Peter
  • God is definetly infinite! God was always there. Since the beginning. " I am the alpha and the omega" (BEginning and end) God was just always there. He created the world and everything in the world. In the beginning was the word and the word was God. God wasn't created at all He was there.

  • In a debate I had with a Scientific Atheist he said "Show me your God ends and I will show you where the universe began." I can remember thinking how dumb that statement is in theological terms, yet everyone else thought it was pretty slick. Knowing that you cannot measure God, and that His essence is unknowable to mankind I replied, "Show me where the universe ends and I will show you where God begins." Mike makes a good point in the infinity comparison because both are equally dumbfounding. Its like we know the sun is there but we cant look directly at it, but we can feel its heat, see its rays emanating from it. We just have to accept the mystery, to know that there are things we cannot know or understand. To say "Where did God come from?" is to imply that He is a created being with some kind of origin, He always was and is.  I am not sure if that made sense, sorry.
  • you cannot ask "where did God come from", as that is to presume that God moves in Linear time with a beginning and end.

    God works and exists outside of the linear timescale we know. We humans have a problem understanding this, because we presume everthing starts somewhere. It would be like asking somewhere at which point a circle started, yet it has no beginning or end, but goes around continuously without beginning or end. We only choose to label and give it a start, so that we can comprehend it with our limited minds and human made rationalism.
    God was already there before what we percieve as the beginning, he will also be here long after what we call the end as he does not have a timescale to follow as we do. The Early Church struggled with this as much as we did, not understanding that for God a day an be a thousand years or one hour, as God does not work in man made time scales. Even at this time of year we say "Christ IS Risen!" not "Christ has Risen" or "Christ will rise" as his resurrection is eternal and not limited to our timescale, as he is also. 
  • When we talk about God, we mean that He is the Absolute, it is meant that He is absolutely eternal and endless and has neither beginning nor end like a geometrical line. It is incorrectly to put a question «Where did God come from?» The same situation with a question: “And where did begin a line”? Next time answer an atheist: “I will say you where God is from, when you will show me the beginning of a geometrical line”.
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