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hello my church is a new one in Canada, and were looking for someone who does the icons for the iconstastis

our patron saint is st. bishoy




  • hey mine too 8) lol... I mean the saint wise... but how much would your church be willing to pay?
  • i dunno, maybe like 2000-2500 yurs?

    this is for a temporary iconstais by the way, we made it by wood, well buy a new one later :)
  • ohhh, you scared me there... well if it is a temp. we did that in the new church here too... go to theotokos.org, by a post card, or you can buy the wooden ones if you choose. When you receive it, go to a copying store, enlarge to whatever size... and you are good to go... but for real icons, that would not be enough, except for about two, maybe squeeze three, but the iconographer will be doing you a favor...
  • yea i heard about these people they gave us the best deal :)
  • yes my dad does with his friend.
    check out... www.heavenwood.net

    we visit churches anytime
  • u said u do this in egypt , but the aress is adressed in missausga

    can i know your prices for pictures plse?
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