Friends Versus Church

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Every Friday after school, I usually go to church and spend my time their before we have our youth meetings. I love being in church even if there is no service going on.  I feel nice and tranquil and it is an amazing atmosphere to be in.  I also help and serve for the children's Sunday School and alhan classes on Saturday nights.  My (Egyptian) friends usually ask me to hang out with them on Fridays and specifically Saturday nights and every Friday and every time I tell them that I am at church. For the past 6 months, they haven't been telling me to hang out on days that I am free or even at all.  When I tell them to come over my house and hang out, they do not answer when I call or they never respond to my texts. They cut off communication with me because I am always at church. I do not want to stop going to  church to spend a couple of hours of boredom with them. My parents also think that it is my fault that I "lost" my freinds because I grew up with them. I do not know what to do! Please help me!


  • Man...thats really sad =[
    Well, why arent your Egyptian friends going to church like you do?
    I had this experience with American friends.
    In my opinion, your friends that you had are not real friends...real
    friends would accept you how u are, would respect you,
    and also they are actually supposed to encourage each other
    into going to church. Just pray about it...i mean..there is nothing
    that you did wrong anyways. You are the innocent one going to church...
    Idk..i hope this not really good at giving advice lol =]
  • i know how you feel... i went/ am still kind of going through this with my american friends, but think about this:

    1) Friends will not take you to heaven, God will.
    2) What is important is that YOU are happy in what you do, not your friends. If you don't have fun with them, why miss church for them? Also, if there is a reason you do not enjoy spending time with them, you should make it known to them so that they may change their ways.
    3) Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life" not "your friends are the way, the truth, and the life"
    4) If they were you're real friends, they would except you for who you are, and what you like to do. Especially your beliefs. They would respect you instead of trying to pressure you into doing other things.

    I know its hard, im still going through it right now.

    plus, your being persecuted for the faith, that makes you a martyr!!!  ;D  ;D  ;D

    if you have any questions, you can always pm me or just reply on here :)

    Hope i helped, and god bless!!!!

  • thanks guys. they are coptic, i just wanted to make no confusion between americans.  and the thing is, i just sit in church when there is no service. like sometimes i go an clean some of the rooms, or i go into the computer lab and just do what I do at home on the computer just in the church or i just sit in the church alone.  just wanted to clarify that. thanks guys
  • Hey there, sorry for your little predicament. 

    As someone stated earlier, in your situation you should base your course of action on:
    -what is right by God.
    -what makes you happy.

    The fact that you enjoy spending this much time in God's house, really speaks for your character [God bless].  Sometimes however, people who are not necessarily close to the church, don't understand that special bond and so they require a more worldly bond where human-to-human interaction is needed [which in their defense is not a bad thing at all, if anything its a normal thing].

    So I must ask, have you tried maybe changing time slots [eg go out with them first, and then go to church?]  I would just like to add that I think your friends need you more than you need them.  So you should try your best to maintain them as friends, however if your left with nothing but a dead end, than i think the obvious choice speaks for itself.
  • i agree, if you easily find yourself in church and you're not tempted to go out drinking etc, then you can be a very good influence on your friends. maybe u could make some effort to get to know them better, not so they can be better friends and you can enjoy time with them but so they can be influenced by you and understand that God is interested in their lives and loves them and wants them to spend more time with Him, in church, or praying at home.
    it's not always easy to spend time with people when they are quite different to you, but sometimes God wants you to do that, so those people will understand more about Him.
  • If you chose God to be your true friend that you have made the wisest decision. Being with God is the main reason why we are here on earth; to glorify God through our love for him. If your friends choose to leave you because you go to church then they arent true friends that care about your salvation and their's as well.
    Believe me, when you stay closer to God, you will reap the benefits and you will be a magnet to draw your friends closer to God. if they are lacking the light, then you be their light that guides then in the path leading to Christ.

    Pray for me
  • hi Neniotee Ethoab ,
    I am going through the same thing ur going thru now with my egy friends.
    i would suggest for you what i did, which is to find someone like you. I am pretty sure there is someone who wants to be in church all the time like you.
    thats what happened with me and now i dont worry about it because my best friend is always with me in church too :)

    hope that helps

    and please never leave your service or the enjoyment of being in church for any other reason. It is worth a lot to be in church once you lose it, it will be very hard to come back.. May God be with you
  • Its ok man. I dont have hardly any friends and it is my fault too, but I will take Christ over worldly friends any day.
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