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hey guys im knew to this site and everything but i was just wonderin what u guys thought of school dances. Are they wrong to go to, or are they not that bad?


  • hey guys again this might be a topic already but i didn't notice sry! i'd still like to read ur opinions!
  • It all depends on your intentions. No one else can determine wether it's wrong or right but you. If it is a dance with nothing too crazy involved and your going just to hang out with your friends a bit then its alright but its better that you try to avoid these dances. Most of the time they're nothing but trouble in a terrible environment. God bless.
  • No one else can determine wether it's wrong or right but you.

    NO, Ask Abouna... he will KNOW for SURE
  • lol, well yes but I'm refering to an individual's own intentions in going..
  • okay... good stuff, man
  • Once again, i would like to state that people's views are not important, if ur going for the right reasons its ok, but be aware of ur surroundings, u cant say ur minds in the right spot but neglect using ur head!
    even if ur a good person, u have to keep in mind that others may not be.
    Dont put urself in a tight spot. its ok to go to one, put just know that there might be people that may cause u to sin. Dont be too sure of ur faith, its best u dont put it to the test. But if u already went to one, lets say, and u feel guilty, the word dance is not what makes it wrong, its what u do that makes it count.
  • I agree with soj on the your intentions part... ask yourself why you want to go to this dance and be honest with yourself... if you see that you just want to go to hang out with a couple of friends that's alright but if you're unsure about anything, i suggest you go right to your father of confession and see his opinion. God Bless,

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