The Haiti natural disaster

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Agapy all,

The natural disaster that befell the island of Haiti is unprecedented. Already, protestant evangelists are accusing the victims of God's wrath on them as a result of their evil and sins.It means,they have appointed themselves as judges.
I think,it is fair to wonder why God allows such calamities of such magnitude on people that are already too poor.How do we explain what happened in Haiti in terms of our faith? what do you think?


  • suffering (1) comes from human sin (2) reminds us of the eternal consequences if we remain in our sin
  • sodr
    If we were paid according to our sins you and I will not be able to stand at all .God is flawlessly good  and does not pay according to what you and I  do .
    People usually rush into judgement when this kind of natural disasters happen .Sometimes it is not only being judgemental to say "This happened because they are this "...but also outright hypocrisy.
    I don't know why the peole of haiti are going through this .I do know that God is with the hungry ,the distressed ,the homeless ,the injured ,the sick and the desprate and above all with the poor .I believe God is with the people of Haiti right now .
  • i was talking about sin in general
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