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Hello everyone,

I'm 17 years and in the last year of highschool (sanaweya 3ama). This year is
VERY important and next week (tuesday) I've got a last chance to improve my school resultats
for the exam, then I finished my schoolexam and in may it's time for the central(end) exam.

My problem is: I CAN"T focus on my study. I really want to get high marks and get a good
future and I am not at bad at school, it's not that I'm not smart enough, it's just the concentration is so bad. For example, last period I am often alone at home. (father works now).
When he's away I go on facebook, msn, tasbeha, etc. I also need the computer sometimes to do
my study on it. But then I got lost and can't control myself! Then I spent hours on the net wasting
time, with the book in front of me without learning.

Which I also don't understand, is that I'm praying, looking forward God's help, but in vain.
I know God loves me and always listen to us, and I also ask the intercession
of Pope Kyriolos, but then why i Can't still concentrate, while I MUST concentrate now, beacause
I have sooooo many things to study and practisise in a very short time.
And I am not good at all in planning and split up my time.

Any advice please??  ???


  • ok, so maybe u can put a BIG picture of baba kyrilos in front of the computer, so you have to move 'him' to get to it and you will feel a bit bad.
    then start with the study that doesn't use the computer, and read aloud to yourself to help concentration.
    if you use the computer set an alarm and get off after 30 mins, or do your computer work at school/ college.
    now get off tasbeha.org!
  • hahahah, thanks mabsoota :P

    Any more ideas?
  • I am currently working on this as well (I have been in college for four years)! The best advice I can give you is to plan out your day beforehand. Meaning that you should write down the things that need to get done, then prioritize accordingly. There are many things to think about when prioritizing such as: urgent but not important things, not urgent but important things, and urgent and important things. Make sure that you keep the last one at the top of your list! Also make sure you say a short prayer before your work as well as reading a chapter from the Bible so that God can bless you in your studies.  Praying and asking for intercession will do nothing unless you put in the effort yourself--Don't expect God to just give you A's without any hard work coming from you. Secondly, It is very unwise to leave everything to the last minute! I have an upcoming exam in February for one of my circuit classes and I am regretting the fact that I didn't start studying from the beginning of my break. Never leave things to the last minute--I can't emphasize this enough! Insha'allah you will be fine in the future, but never forget these points.

  • ive had the exact same problem

    my advice? STUDY SOMEWHERE ELSE other than the computer, thats what i do (i find the diningroom is nice)....or CLOSE the computer, or if you desperately need it, just shut off the screen.

    I also need the computer sometimes to do my study on it.

    No you don't  ;D I've said the same thing to myself... I think if you really did need it, you would be doing what you want to do with it (ie...
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