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Hi, I have a question about Jealousy, because it's often a problem 2 me and I think it
it's a feauture of my character  ???
How can you defeat jealousy, like be jealous on a girl who is more beautifull, smarter or
more social then you. How can you get self confidence if you are very uncertain about yourself?

thanx, GBU


  • Abouna Peter gave a really good answer here..
  • thanks hottchico
  • There will ALWAYS be someone prettier than you, someone smarter, someone who has a nicer car or house or whatever.  It's endless. So if you are going to keep comparing yourself with others and feeling jealous you will not get anywhere in life and you will be miserable.

    Instead focus your energy on improving yourself.  Seek ways to make yourself a better person in all aspects of your life. This will build your confidence and improve your self esteem. Trust me you will achieve a lot and will be much happier.
  • Everyone goes through Jealously at least once in their lifetime.
    Just Pray.
    Aydan Fal Nashkor Allah!
  • I know what you mean, since i have been having that problem lately. But believe me, that person that you are jealous from is not as perfect as you think they are. They might have more problems than you and they might even be jealous from you! I am a shy and quiet person so i have been jealous from people that i know who are really social and "pretty". Just remember that God has given you something that they did not give that person. God has blessed you during your whole life. Instead of looking at things that you do not have, look at the things that God has blessed you with. Hope that helps.
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