Petitions agains what has happened in Nag Hammadi in Egypt!

Please, everybody that is willing to sign the petitions below, please do! This means a lot to the families of Nag Hammadi and all Coptic families in Egypt. I know a family in Nag Hammadi, and it's very upsetting what has been happening. I think these petitions will help at least a little. Anybody can sign the petitions, but please if you do sign, please post a reply on here so I can know thank you.

The Petition for the U.S. Congress:


The Petition for the United Nations:


  • May you please explain how these petitions are going to help. Thank you.
  • This will not only help but it will open the eyes of the American government that Egypt is not taking the sufficient methods to solve the problem, and that the Copts in America are concerned about what is happening in Egypt. Also it will help aid the protests scheduled to be in front of the United Nations on January 19, 2010. The coptic church in Washington DC will send 3 buses to the United Nations to run protests.

    Thanks and pray for me,
  • who is the priest or Bishop who gave permission or is leading this "event"?!
  • I think the American government knows all too well what is going on, their problem is that there is not enough oil in Egypt for them to take any steps...
    America is not the Good Samaritan who goes around rescuing those in need...
  • I don't know how much it wood take for us, Copts, to learn that NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHING US!!! Not America, not the UN, not anyone.........fixing a problem like this one needs to be done WITHIN Egypt. Otherwise we are just wasting time and effort.
  • Ma3lesh ya Mina - at least give it a go.
    [coptic]nofri pijinmici `nrem`n<ymi
    oujai qen `P[C[/coptic]
  • What mina said is realistic:  The USA will not do anything.

    France, in the last few months, deported 22 imams for preaching hatred and violence. All of them were from Egypt.

    I think we have to face it that Egypt's condition will not improve. It is common sense: it has an 85% muslim population and Islam is clear on how it should treat "Kafirs".

    Islam isn't going to change, so the situation in Egypt will never change.

    Unfortunately the ONLY positive point about Sept 11 was that it started to open the eyes of western governments as to What is Islam?

    Despite this awakening, I still find western governments and westerners in general so politically correct and naive that they still fail to understand the problem: one American told me: "We are making progress against Islamic extremism, our governments are working hard to get certain parts of the Koran changed that preaches hatred against non muslims". lol

    I think the only way to solve this problem is through education: and I'm so sorry to say this, but I really feel what abouna Zakaria is doing is great. I mean, the only way to stop this violence is to teach muslims that their prophet was a fake, and their book is based on sex, lust, greed and falsity.

    That's it. He seems the only one articulate enough and courageous enough to actually do it. I say "articulate" because he hasnt really offended anyone nor used any terms to offend anyone.

    Tell me another option? Muslims are extremely religious people who have been brainwashed into believing the words of a false prophet. By showing them the truth about their religion it can only help to make them realise that what they are doing is wrong.

    I've met COUNTLESS numbers of French Algerians who have converted to Catholicism and have told me openly: They realised that Mohammed was a false prophet.

    So why does one muslim decide to kill and another not? I guess its like a Christian who decides to offer the other cheek and the other does not : one is practising his faith and the other isn't. It is extremely foolish to think that terrorists are simply brainwashed muslims - not at all: they are the most spiritual, and the most practicing.

    Put it this way: After Sept 11, nearly EVERY SINGLE muslim person I knew agreed with the attacks. Wow!

    I really rather not quote what they said exactly about the attacks, because it will only make me angry.. and I'm trying to control my anger (lately!).

    If you really want to help the situation, my suggestion is to expose the suffering of the Copts every way possible and to illustrate discrimination - THROUGH THE PRESS. The press right now are your best friends.

    If Discrimination against Copts is "normal" and encouraged and even enforced by the Egyptian Legal system, what else do people need to know? What else will open their eyes to realise that Islam doesn't mean peace for non muslims? Egypt makes it abundantly obvious, with or without its legislation, that it is not going to treat a muslim and a christian equally!! Why do western governments think that the problem is with extremists when the reality is that the problem is with Islam in general??

    I encourage each and everyone of you, especially those in journalism, to expose these truths. Its not that hard:
    Do Western Governments appreciate the extent of injustices faced by non muslims in Islamic Countries?

    These are the questions that reporters should be asking themselves. Who the heck is AlQaeda? Every single muslim has the potential to do acts of terror and use their faith to justify it. Look at the Egyptian Government!! Its not that hard to realise. If Egypt didnt a dependency on tourism, it would show its real face to the outside world: One of intolerance, hatred and bigotry. And this is unfortunately the face which we all have become accustomed to as Coptic Christians. Foreigners just go to Egypt, they become spoilt by people treating them like kings and queens, and never really look beneath the facade to see what is really going on this country.
  • there already happened a quiet demonstration in uk.

    btw i met lots of muslims who didn't agree with the sept 11 attacks. i take your point, just adding balance....
  • Ok I understand if nobody wants to sign the petition, or doesn't agree with it. But keep in mind if this will not help at all, it will not hurt!

    Pray for me,
  • [quote author=ophadece link=topic=8667.msg109081#msg109081 date=1263046744]
    Ma3lesh ya Mina - at least give it a go.
    [coptic]nofri pijinmici `nrem`n<ymi
    oujai qen `P[C[/coptic]

    I agree with this response more than any other. We should help our brethern or at least try. This can be done by:
    1- Prayer, our strongest defense and strength --that God would have mercy on His oppressed people and to strengthen their faith, as it is very easy to become weak in faith or violent in anger in such circumstances
    2- Financial assistance to families that have had homes, cars, businesses destroyed
    3- Write to politicians, officials, government leaders ---they want our votes and if enough people speak out, they will fear their reelection and take notice.

    Besides, it might help. Have faith and be a little optimistic.
  • btw, I signed both and may God put His hand in the matter =)
  • I know here in Los Angeles more than 1000 copts will have a protest in front of the federal building
    Also they asked those soldiers that were attacked at Fort Hood, TX to attend.
    I know my church is renting two buses that will head there after church.

    We need a lot of prayers

    I signed both btw
  • I signed both, and it's so sad about what happened. Hope they would pray for us.  :'(
  • Look everyone, better than signing any petition is to offer your petition to God 1st.

    The entire Coptic Church will pray today at 8PM (EGYPTIAN TIME).

    So wherever you are in the World, please devote sometime to praying for this problem called Islam.
  • Hey QT, that was the most insightful series of statements.  I applaud every comment without a reservation on any single word.  Our fathers from the past would be proud that they have son with a strong voice. 

    Americans and westerners still cannot realize that they are dealing with pure hatred and evil.  They still think that there is a possibility in negotiating and appeasing.
  • The whole sequence you outlined is exactly as I tell my co-workers and American friends, word for word, and they cannot comprehend it unless there is an associated pain for the American.  To feel what we have felt for 1400 years.

    I have difficulty in judging Americans:  are they that stupid? or are they that selfish? or both?
  • The petitions will not do anything.


    Do not put your trust in any human being.  The same human being that betrayed our Lord is the same one that betrays The Light of Christianity.

    Put your hands in petition to the Almighty and keep it clean by not putting into the hands of any politician.
  • Sorry, I forgot to mention a few other attributes to the US Congress:  CHEATS, THIEVES, SEXUAL DEVIANTS, WOMANIZERS, ARROGANT. 
  • [quote author=mabsoota link=topic=8667.msg109102#msg109102 date=1263076412]
    there already happened a quiet demonstration in uk.

    btw i met lots of muslims who didn't agree with the sept 11 attacks. i take your point, just adding balance....

    The problem is : people, rather than looking at the Koran and seeing how bad it is, look at these muslims and say "look, the Koran isn't evil because they are nice people".

    This is the problem.

    I know many muslims who disagree with 11 sept - and you know what they say?? They tell me it was "arranged by jews" - and that "Not ONE jewish person died in the 11 sept attacks".

    They are even distancing themselves to the morbid reality that their religion is a religion based on hate, and the only way there will be world peace is when the entire world submits to Islam.

    I'm beginning to think that Palestine is just an excuse for them to hate. If the problems in Palestine didnt exist, they'd have found something else to go and complain about.

    Nice muslims does NOT mean their religion is nice. Period.
  • [quote author=ilovesaintmark link=topic=8667.msg109145#msg109145 date=1263138814]
    Sorry, I forgot to mention a few other attributes to the US Congress:  CHEATS, THIEVES, SEXUAL DEVIANTS, WOMANIZERS, ARROGANT. 

    It burns my blood whenever I remember the words of Tony Blair who said "The Koran has nothing but peace in it". I do not know which version he read, but it definately isn't from the same books abouna zakaria is using.

    Does this verse from the Quran help explain anything:

    Surah 8:60

    "Prepare for them whatever force or calvery you are able of gathering.
    To strike Terror
    To strike Terror into the hearts of the enemies, of Allah and your enemies"

    When Tony Blair read this verse, what was he thinking?

    Everytime I read this verse, I cannot help but think of all the attrocities Copts have been facing at the hands of muslims for all these centuries.

    Will America read these verses and tell us :"Islam isn't the problem"? or "the Koran isnt the problem".

    The problem is that America is NOT muslim. The problem is that Coptic Christians are NOT muslim.
    This is the problem.

    Either the world has to move forward or Islam has to drag the world backwards.
  • I would like to say thank you to those who signed the petitions. That really means a lot to me and all the Christians that are in Egypt. Those Christians in Egypt need(after our prayers of course) to know that we are not just sitting here and watching them, but that we are doing SOMETHING no matter what it is.

    Thanks again to those who signed the petitions, may God Bless you.

    Pray for me,
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