I dont understand this...

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Can some one tell me what this is because i dont read arabic but i understand it; my mom tells me that its a muslim singer singing the liturgy. if it is that why is it wrong to listen to our own words but another person singing it? and i know he might be muslim and not a priest but he isnt praying the mass he is just singing the words? i just want to know if it is wrong and why


  • me neither, but it's not a coptic mass. i didn't find anything on the internet about wadih el safi's religion, but if he doesn't mean what he is singing, we should rather copy someone who does!

    i heard a lovely story (i think on this website) about a group of monks with terrible singing voices.
    one day they had a visitor with a great voice and they invited him to join them for tasbeha. amazed and in awe at his voice, they were too ashamed sing along with him.

    the visitor left. the next day they had a visit from an angel. he was very sad and asked them when there was no tasbeha in the church the previous night. the monks were very surprised and explained they had a visitor with an amazing voice, and surely the angel must have heard.
    the angel patiently explained that normally, all heaven would normally listen to their tasbeha because it was so beatiful but that the previous night they had heard nothing.

    the monks never failed to sing tasbeha from that day on  :)
  • wow that story actually did help me because i am always ashamed of my voice, sometimes i sing very very well, but sometimes my voice cant go high like the others because my voice is EXTREMELY deep. being 16 people expect me to go high, but all i can do is be deep lol. but that really helps because usually when they go high i just stop singing but i guess i should be saying it in a low tune only i can hear.

    also mabsoota how do you know its not a coptic mass? because i want to listen to it because it sounds soooo nice.
  • haha i have a deep voice to my friends call me a bass booster
  • so u guys should sing together +we have a choir  ;)

    it's not coptic music.
    also i find it hard to understand the words, which i don't in the coptic mass because next to the arabic i can't understand are some words i do, like 'ya muhibb al bashir' (oh, lover of mankind) and other phrases that are repeated through the liturgy.
    as i said i could be wrong...
  • i could barley understand it either, but my arabic is bad so coming from me its not saying much
  • This is Wade' El-Safe....one of the greatest singers in Lebanon. As most of the singers, they been to egypt to sing.

    He is NOT a Muslim. He is a Christian in Lebanon, a famous one in fact and he have many recordings of christian songs; some of them are my favorite.

    The recording is a liturgy of the "Maronite Church" that is a member the Lebanese or Syriac Eastern Catholic Churches (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maronite_Church). The language is Syriac which is Christian Aramaic.
  • a deep voiced choir would probably bring a building down hahaha just kidding.

    but yea i do understand things like that, like i can hear arabic while reading english and know which word is what.

    -minagir: so if he is christian it doesnt make it wrong to listen to that right?
  • ha ha we were all trying to understand aramaic!
    :D  :D  :D
    i am nearly rolling on the floor, it's so funny!

    thanks minagir!

    deacon mark, i'm sure it's ok to listen to it. see if you can get a translation of the words though, so you can praise God as you listen.
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