Smoking as a sin.

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Hey guys,

I've been thinking if smoking should be considered as a kind of suicide. Yeah that's crazy but it could be in a case.
I mean God has set a life span to you which you decrease by smoking, like you were created to live till your 80s and you die in your 60s because of smoking.

Crazy thought but if it's "true" I should be using that in order to make people stop smoking.  ;D ;D


  • Interesting. Maybe, first you should acknowledge with smokers in question that this is bad for their body, then add
    it can be much worse than they thought.

    I mean, if most smokers want to quit smoking, do you think this would increase their drive to stop?
    Because smoking was a sin they were not aware of... ?

    As extreme as what you are comparing? I'm not sure, but very interesting...

  • I mean, isn't our time to die already decided?

    But, we shouldn't make our bodies more susceptible/ more at risk.

    It makes no sense.
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