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can anyone provide any good sources that can prove Mormonism is false?
maybe Fr. Peter has some insight on this topic

Thanks. God Bless.


  • Mormonism is by far the easiest of Christian herasies to prove wrong!!

    Their first problem is they believe in many gods, & that the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit are three separate gods!!! Such blasphamy is against what the Bible says.
    In both, the Old & the New Testaments it is very clear that there is only ONE GOD. That simply leaves no room for any other god in any other form.

    They also believe that we can become gods if we become perfect. How did they dig this up from the Bible???!

    They believe in the same Bible that we have, but they add to it the book of Moromons, which was written only around the mid 1800s..!!!
    Remember the verse in Revalations that warns those who add to the Words of God???!

    Also, Christ Himself prophesized & said that in the end, many false prophets will come up.
    What Christ said 2000 yeas ago, came true! In the last 200 years, we saw the rise of many false & heretical ideas. Among them are: Mormons, Jehovas Witnesses, Unitarians, & a many more false churches & false christs came & decived many people. Just like Christ predicted 2000 years ago!!!

    It is clear that not only Christan history is aginst them, but also their own history points to their coruption of the Word of God. It shows how their false prophet, Joseph Smith, could not prove the golden stones that he supposedly found! And it also shows their practice of polygamy. Even though some Mormons deny it, the old Mormons approved of polygamy!!!

    My brother, only pray for those poor people that they may know the truth in Christ our Lord.
    Arm yourself aginst them, if you meet any of them, attack them with the word of God. If they reject the word of God, than they have already chosen to deny the truth.

    Christ bless...

    p.s. remember, as true Christians, we MUST not show any hatrad or hostility towards them. We must treat them with respect & love them just like Christ loved the sinners. But we cannot compromise the Word of God for any one!!
  • Youtube is your friend, my friend!

    - Documentary comparing the Mormon book wiss el Bible - Explaining Mormon doctrine...
  • Btw, I'm a bigger friend of yours than youtube!!  :-*
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