Order of Tasbeha

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Please forgive my ignorance; I received few CDs for mid night tasbeha and I have no clue about the order at which each and every one of them is sang.

Can anyone help me to map the Tasbeha as to:
1. Name of each hymen
2. The order at which each one is to be sang “When we should say it?
3. What each means in nutshell

OR: if you know certain books that explain the order of tasbeha.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Hey,

    So, order goes like this...

    Psali to first First Hoos
    Canticle of first Hoos (khen oshoot)

    Then if its not saturday night or sunday early morning, its Shere ne Maria, part 7 of the sunday theotokia until part 9 inclusively. Then you go to the psali of second hoos and continue like a 'satuday night'

    If its saturday night/ sunday morning,

    Straight to Psali of the second Hoos
    Canticle of second Hoos (Maren hoon)

    Third Hoos (esmou epchois or ari can be said at the end)

    Psali for three young men (aripsalin)
    Tenowen ensok can then be said in a long way...

    Commemoration of the saints

    Fourth hoos

    Psali of the day (for example saturday night, is really sunday)
    Theotokia of the day

    Conclusion of the day (watos vs adam)

    Watos conclusion is wednesday to saturday
    Adam days are sunday to tuesday

    As for the explanation of tasbeha visit:

    The spirituality of praise.

    God bless
  • Hi Flexmd
    Just wanted to tell you that the more you get in tabeha, the more you will love it.  and the more you wiilll feel God's presence
    Download the annual psalmody in this link and it has the order

    God bless
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