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Hey guys,

I've been hearing this whole week that "Kiahk" is next week and I'm like "What's that?".
If anyone could tell me a few details about Kiahk, because I've been a Psaltis not long enough while actually I was far from the church. Could you please tell me if we say any new praises/hymns (and which are they), what time it starts-ends, and what is the meaning of kiahk?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my ignorance while Im a Psaltis...
May God bless you all.


  • The Holy Month of Kiahk is a Coptic month(Following the Coptic calendar) when we prepare for the incarnation of Jesus on earth which we celebrate on the 29th of Kiahk(January 7) which is called the Nativity Feast.  Basically Kiahk is a preparation time when we fast and pray more and have a chance to get closer to God.  We do have several different hymns for this time in honor of St. Mary and the Holy Incarnation of Jesus Christ. 

    Here are some hymns by several different people/groups:
    Here is some more information about the Coptic Calendar and Coptic Months:

    I hope this clears up some things. God Bless.
  • Thank you very much Egyboy, that cleared some things up...
    I guess I have a lot of preparations to do for Kiahk. :D

    May God bless you.
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