I'm french and i need your help

Firt, i apologies if it's the wrong place to write this message
I'm french, and i need your help, i hope to find two things :
1- i'm looking at a live link with CTV, i have see many link (like http://ctvtv.blogspot.com ) but it don't work with me. So my first question is : "Do you know one link to watch CTV on his computer ?"
2- I'm looking about the video of the weekly conference of His Holiness Shenouda III subtitle in english (if some one can reccord it for me, it broadcasts Every Saturday with English subtitles in CTV)
I know thant I ask you a very difficult things, but help me please it is for the Coptic community in France.
May God bless you and reward you for all your work. Thank you in advance


  • if you go here,
    you will see a clip of baba shenouda introducing ctv (the clip that is shown every day when you watch ctv on satellite).

    most of the other links seem to take you to written information only (in arabic), although i found a few links that looked like they would take you to recorded programs. i don't have quick time player, so i couldn't see them.

    the link you mentioned doesn't work for me either.

    i hope this helps a bit,
    que Dieu te benisse
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