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i still am unable to download any of the midnight praises/hymns. Just wondering when they will be available for download.



  • Downloading has been disabled for some time now... however we expect to resume the downloading sometime in the near future. Please check back.

  • Aghapy,

    While I was streaming the Lent Weekday Liturgy hymns, all of a sudden, I noticed that the site has changed and the downloads are back. I tried to download but I was asked to login or register. I registered and logged in. But I still can't download, neither with Internet Explorer nor with Netscape 7, even thought I accept the cookie.

    Thank you for all your efforts and for any help
  • Downloads will be back this Monday God willing.
  • Hey Everyone,
    I'm having trouble downloading some midnight praises by Ibrahim Ayad from this site. When I click the download link I get this error:

    "We are sorry, but you cannot bookmark this file. Please try again by downloading from"

    However, when I click the link back to, it opens the homepage for, and my problem remains. If anyone could help that would be much appreciated. Thanks and God Bless.
  • Please try again, downloads should be working now but they are still being fine-tuned to accomodate all users' browsers/configuration.
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