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Hey guys, the movie 2012 came out today. I know the world isnt going to end until Christ's Second Coming. We were looking at an extended trailer yesterday in physics and noticed that some of the events that happened were possible to occur. My biggest concern is for those who beleve that it will end in 2012. There is such a media frenzy, even though it has been proven that it will be very very very very very very very^85159345179635489175436529857456815 unlikely ;D. So what do we tell people who are scared for the end?

P.S. I personally want to see the movie for entertainment. The special effects are really well done, and the movie looks amazig! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)


  • hello coptmorous,i
    I also heard about this 2012 movie and it looks intresting. I think we should tell pple who believe 2012 world prediction ,that many pple predicted it and it didn't happen. 2002 they predicted it'll end and it didnt. It could end 2011 not 2013 or 2067 etc. we don't know when, thats why we need to be ready at any time. Also, our livs could end b4 the world does.There's a verse in the Bible that says "But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father." Mark 12:32


  • Guys do not believe into that stuff we all know that the world will end in his Second coming.  Also, the worled will never because the anitichrist didnt even come (seven years) and the world wars, earthquakes, lotus, tsanamis'. Its a good movie, but dont pay attention to it. Please pray for my weakness 
  • Ha 2012. Remember y2k? These kind of things condition people to end up rejecting the possibility of the world ever ending and the possibility of acheiving a manmade utopia here on earth, void of God.
  • i wanna see it so bad!! it looks awesome!
  • just saw it.
    not as rubbish as i expected, but there is a lot of mass destruction and people dying violently.
    it has a few strong messages, the main one being that all religions are basically the same and that we just need to all be nice to each other. the other is that we must continue our species (humans) no matter what.
    so obviously i disagree with those. also it shows those who just wait and pray at the end (specifically depicting Christians, buddists and muslims) as being, well, good people, but it's a shame they all die in vain.
    so it's quite 'new age' in it's ethos, and a little bit anti-Christian (a few characters are shown making the sign of the cross before being wiped away in floods/earthquakes).
    i think if you want to go and see it, that's cool, and it's a great opportunity to have something to say in the 'end of the world' conversations that will come up with your friends or neighbours. i think we should encourage them to think about what will happen to them when we die and to think about the existence of God and what He may ask of them (that is, they need to turn to Him). and one of the aspects of the movie, that we should all care for each other, is something we can all agree on.
    if you have anything else more fun to do (tasbeha, study, church, hang out with friends), don't cancel it for the movie; it's not that great.
    may God guide us and help us as we share the news of His great deliverance.
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