Hey everyone,

what is the best way to stop yourself from sinning? How to resent temptations and the devil's schemes.

Please pray 4 me



  • i guess different things work for different people right
    but again we are humans and it is in our nature to sin, just we can try to avoid sin and do our best to strive for perfection (even tho only God is perfect)

    PRAYER is an important one :) probably the most important..."and lead us not into temptation..."

    We can try to avoid temptation, so if i know doing something could possibly lead me to sin, i should prevent myself from doing that. Example, a friend's party is at a club or watever...if you go there's music dancing and environment that basically promotes sin. Even if an angel can sin in basically not walking to temptations yourself!

    And if we fall into temptation, then we need to flee temptation or run away, like get yourself out of the situation. Not just physically but also mentally and emotionally letting go of what offers a chance to sin.
  • My father of confession told me yo pray and read the Bible constantly as it will keep your mind off of sin
  • to add to what coptmorous said, i heard this in a sermon once, i think it was by Anba Raphael

    He said imagine if a mom tells her child who is going out not to eat from outside on the street because that food is bad and will get him sick, but before he leaves she feeds him good food and dessert and water and everything until he is FULL as oppose to another mom whose child is also going out and she only reminds him not to eat from the food in the street but does not feed him anything. what do you think is going to be the reaction of either child when they smell the food in the street. The former will walk right by it without giving any attention but not the latter. Even if the latter tries to resist, how long will he resist for, a couple hours? 3, 4 hours? he's eventually going to give in and careless what will happen to him.

    so, do exactly what coptmorous said... fill up yourself with the good stuff so that you're not tempted to go after the bad stuff
  • The best way to stop sinning is to identify the "root evil" of the sin. There are three "master" sins; those are arrogance, drooling over something and greed. It is exactly these three that the Lord taught us to fight inorder to defeat the enemy (remember the Lord being tested by the devil in Coronthius).

    Let me share you my experience. I used to be depressed in the recent past. To escape depression, I usually watch movies or music, which became almost like an addiction. I thought of many things... "may be I don't pray much enough".. "may be it is because I live alone".. "may be it is because I don't have a lot of money to go out with people"... I was getting every kind of excuse. I then started to think deeply about what the ROOT may be. And, the root was the fact that I was thinking I deserve better!! Better what? Better treatment from people, better money, better status, better education, better research opportunities, better prestige, better everything...! And I realized that I am arrogant.

    Okay, what now? Now I am working towards humility. I am trying to understand that I am nothing! And, in fact, I am now begining to see the little things that I could do, and that could grow me bigger and bigger.

    That is the journey towards the inner self!

    To stop sinning, identify the arrogance, the greed and the drooling over something component of it. You will be surprised!!

  • thank you all this advice is really useful.
    Pray 4 me
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