Russian Patriarch to visit Alexandria

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Dear Friends

I heard that Patriarch Kyrill will visit the (Greek?) Patriarch of Alexandria in the middle of next month.

I don't know whether he will pay a visit to HH Pope Shenouda, perhaps someone knows something about his itinerary.

Just to say that at the end of the 19th the two churches (Russian and Coptic) were having talks about union I believe (I read the article in French but can't find it in now). Whether the discussions were political or religious I don't know but I'm praying that the two churches 'get together' in some way again.

Please pray that the church witnesses effectually to Christ


  • That sound great to me! I hope our churches can reunite and be one like we all were are; making up the body of our Lord.

    Let's pray for the Patriarch's and unity together.

    Please pray 4 me

  • all the patriarchs do still have various discussions with each other about EO/OO unity, sometimes officially and sometimes unofficially. lets pray for this, that Christians will all grow closer in our relatioship to God.
    btw i attended a russian orthodox church in the czech republic this year. the priest, who was really lovely and kind, said he loved baba shenouda's books and read a lot of them
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